The strong format doesn't change much

I find out that the strong format doesn’t change the text much.
Can you guys somehow make it more noticeable?

I don’t want to use CAPS LOCK to emphasize some thoughts.

p/s: above just some testing to see difference between strong format and normal format. Not trolling or something…

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Yeah, that’s on the list of things to look into after the theme has been worked up some more. The bold text could use a little bump up in weight and font-size.

For the time being, just rely on your piercing wit and rhetorical flourish for the required emphasis. :wink:


I find it a little weird that the size of bolded text is also slightly smaller. As HipsterSkaarf says, we’ll be making some tweaks to the theme in the not-too-distant future to address things like this.

Why not write clear and concisely? Using caps and bold letters, in formal writing, is reserved for section headings. It is unnecessary to get a point across.

Because this is a forum, not a scientific thesis. So sometimes people will overlook important details. This is the time when strong format is used.

Then structure paragraphs in a clear and concise way and don’t bury the point. You’re right this a forum, not a place to post thousand page dissertations. It’s probably best to keep writing simple.

I’m actually hoping we can do this with a complex and elaborate network of community-created wikis. We have the power!

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Then well written prose is imperative!

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All wiki entries must be written as a collection of haikus or as one grand epic.