The Season Reset Is A Joke

The topic is enough said, but it’s such a joke. There is no reward for climinbing elo as a solo queue players, as SEMC just punishes you the next season.

The first season reset I experienced was frustrating enough. Made me want to pull my hair out. This season reset is even WORSE. The quality of the games I’m in right now is so poor. Toxic behavior. No understadning of rotating and team play. My teammates are literally getting outplayed so badly I have no opportunity to contribute anything useful to the game. It’s as if the only way you can climb back to your previous rank at the start of the season is to party play… hard.

I am all for self-reflection and looking at how I can improve. When your team, as was the case in my most recent bore of a game, is down 0-10 in the first 6 minutes (meanwhile, you’re leading the CS for the entire game and have harassed enemy Reza and have gotten the tower down to half-hp) there is literally nothing you can do.

Why is this? My first season = over 60% win rate, 2480 end rank, over a 4.5 KDA. The sason reset for winter really got on my nerves. Through the first 3 weeks I remember being around 27% win rate for the season. Stuck with it, climbed back up, finished around the same, just shy of 2500, and managed to climb my season WR up to around 50%. This season reset is just bogus. I started at 8gold, and have made it to silver POA (I really only spent this weekend playing ranked, so perhaps the fault is my own (or my work schedule) for not really playing the first few weeks), but I swear my win rate is likely 20%. (I checked, it’s actually 36… hooray!)

The season reset isn’t fun. It’s not earning your way back. It feels like punishment for being good at a game. “Here, go play with far less quality of play.” I mean no insult to T 1-9 players - truly. There is just such a quality of play difference. It’s why there are divisions in high school sports. It’s why 5th and 6th graders don’t play vs 7th and 8th graders. It’s how competition works. The SEMC MM does an absolute poor job creating fair play. Granted, I imagine I’ll slowly climb back up, and then finally be paired against better competition again. It just shouldn’t take 20-30 AWFUL games to get to that point each season. (Another example that illuminates how poor ranking system is in VG. Despite my best efforts and solid gameplay almost every game, I went 2-6 today but CLIMBED in elo by about 35 points… put me with the competition I deserve, make my losses ~ -20 and my wins~ +20, and let me earn my way back up the way I should).

Rant over and apologies for my negative attitude. I usually aim to remain positive, but my selfish desire to rant has actually helped me feel a little better - so thank you for indulging me, dear forum members.


Totally agree. It’s a bad system made intolerable by the lack of any meaningful rewards for all the grinding. The result is just as you describe: it feels like a punishment.


How do u think SEMC should revamp the ranking system? Rn it feels like even high tiers outside of t10s+ are being filled with worse players and the resets don’t even make it so you have to try to earn back your rank. I think SEMC needs to take a look at what makes the DOTA and LoL ranking systems work and tune the current ranking system accordingly. Maybe add a top 500/1000/2000 player rank in addition to a ranking revamp?

So, I think you’re describing two separate issues (match quality and seasonal resets), which aren’t actually related. Or, if they are related, it’s only very loosely.

From everything I’ve heard, the seasonal resets only affect your Visual Skill Tier, that is, your trophy and what little number shows up by your name in the friends list. Your Matchmaker Rating should still be the same. So, ostensibly, the skill of the players you meet the day before the reset should be the same as the ones you meet the day after. For instance, I rank very rarely, just to get the contender skins, and my VST has dropped a few times now. It’s hanging out in T6, but my MMR is still T8, despite playing like one or two ranked matches a patch. If the reset affected my MMR, I’d be seeing T6 opponents, but since I see T8s and 9s, I assume the resets never touch MMR, only VST. That said, I could be wrong… but I’m pretty sure that’s how it’s set up, and hasn’t changed since the second reset after Season 1.

Now, you’re still seeing underskilled players in your games, so something’s obviously up. Assuming they haven’t actually changed the way the seasonal resets work, I have a few guesses. One is that the game is pulling in lots of old players to check out what VG’s up to now, who still have high MMRs, but aren’t familiar with the game anymore (there’ve been lots of changes). So they’re being matched with you, correctly, but their old MMRs aren’t really relevant and the system needs games to figure out where they now belong. Until it does that though, yo’re seeing them get smacked around a bit because they’re rusty. Another guess is that there just aren’t enough players. So you’re getting the best available match, according to team balance or whatever other behind-the-scenes stuff the matchmaker does. A third option is that you’re assuming the matches you play while you have lower VST should feel like matches at lower MMR, but in fact, your MMR hasn’t changed, so when a teammate is playing badly, it could be because they’re getting outplayed fairly, as opposed to being outplayed because they’re in the wrong tier. And so you might be a bit tilted and thinking they’re just bad players, when it’s not really their fault. But I’m not in your games, so I can’t say either way. Judging by the comments I see across social media, I think the first guess is most accurate, most often, with a touch of the third, and in some specific cases, the second.

There are definitely critiques to make about the rank system and how the resets work, but I think that the reset and match quality are governed by two different systems (VST v MMR), so the reset shouldn’t be changing the quality of your games… I’m not discounting your reports, just saying that I think it’s something else, not the reset mechanics.

I think I get what he saying because he mentioned playing in party the first week , we didn’t get new hero so the patch is all about same meta and climbing elo and this could be frustrating until we reach mid season , matchmaking doesn’t care about your MMR and try to match you with the same VST especially in the early weeks because we all assume they are people who got decayed but I think it’s not the case , you probably getting a guy just partied and climbed to your decayed tier so they struggling to climb while you need people can play normal and climb with you , and add to that soloq vs party , so imagine you getting new players just climbed to your decayed tier against well organized team taking advantage of every single mistake .

@Lebatron And to be honest the Devs are aware of that that’s why we don’t get punished , we lose few points and gain a lot , you are asking to remove the soft reset with the help to get back to your last tier easily , you asking for more punishment but you didn’t think about the situation of the game , you would struggle if they remove that because their matchmaking is bad until they fix the game and attract more players and give motivation to the current players to play more .

Nah. I wasn’t really asking for anything. Just using the salt mine to vent! I’m not really sure what the solution is…

I understand that, and it makes sense. All I can express is from my experience the past two seasons, that is not what’s playing out. You get into a groove after a little while, and you start to see pretty familiar IGNs pop up. Obviously, there’s a large player pool, but it’s something I’ve certainly noticed that in quite a few matches, you see familiar faces. That is NOT what I experience at the start of a new season. All unfamiliar. All far less skillful play.

When I made this topic, I’ll admit I was a bit tilted. That was after a full day of nonsense. Trust me, I stayed positive with teammates, pinged, would play a variety of roles to fill needs, rotated toward almost every team fight, stole enemy buffs, jungles, etc. I felt I played pretty well yesterday!

Again, as was the case at the start of the winter season, I’m in games where my teammates are getting stomped within the first 5-8 minutes, already pinging toxicity, already asking to surrender. It happens with WAY more frequency at the start of a season.

I do not experience this when my VST climbs back to near where it was the season before. If my MMR is unchanged, why are my allies so inferior to what I’m used to? It’s just frustrating to observe.

All is good in the world and I’ll continue to slug through it. I just don’t believe I’m a 30% win rate player for the first 4 weeks of a season and then I magically improve to being a 60% win rate player the last 8 weeks of a season (or vice versa, that I suddenly suck at the game for a few weeks lol). What changes? The quality of opponents and teammates becomes more balanced. Why is it imbalanced at the start? I don’t have an answer, but it’s certainly my experience so far with this game.

The only way for them to fix this is to add walls similar to that of the t10 walls. I’d say one at t5 and another at t8. Or maybe even for every tier once u hit gold I gain or lose 1-9 elo tops while usually losing or gaining 5. This way less people get boosted. It’s not at all impossible to hit 2500 elo again. I’ve done it this season already and around this time the elo in the game is rebalancing already. But as I’m sure you’ve noticed there are t10 2400-2500 elo players who should be poa bronze. I find it highly unacceptable that someone who plays like a 1900 elo player is facing a team full of people playing at a 2400 elo rank. And if u know anything about chess a 2400 elo player will beat a 1900 player every time practically

Definitely. I’m not worried about whether or not I’ll get back up to the 2500 (and hopefully beyond this season!) range. Again, just think it’s crazy the immense drop in quality of play you have to suffer through, especially as a solo queue (mostly) player, at the start of a season.

The best way to avoid it I feel is to have a trio and just play your first 5-6 games as a party to get out of that mess lol

Matchmaker Smurf Toxic Troll

Is there any moba without the problem above smh?

The current rank system is pretty bad but there are ways to fix what we currently have before implementing something new entirely.
First there needs to be hard reset of both MMR and VST. The soft reset literally doesnt matter if youre going to get back to your old rank so quickly.

Then there NEEDS to be a cap on initial elo gain. There’s always going to be grinders who 3 man and hard push to t10. Thats not a matter of skill, you just played a lot. Losses should be punishing in some way. RN it doesn’t really matter if you lose.

And lastly, separate the queues. Parties should never match with solos/duos. Especially in rank. And make it especially clear that there are now 2 queues to rank but make solo/duo queue the one that actually matters.

Based on information like this, I can’t see them dividing the queues any further than they already are. The fact that previously separate queues (e.g. full parties and solo, duos, and trios) have now been combined strongly suggests that SEMC needed to do so in order to make queue times reasonable.

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They’re not gonna split the queues. Player base has dropped drastically and so has developer community interaction. To be quite honest it looks like they aren’t as passionate as they once were about their game. Bugs sit in the game for days before anything is addressed or even announced. I can only the hope the reason for a sharp drop in developer care is that they’re working on another game.

This seems very unlikely, considering they’ve laid off their entire art team, their entire community relations team, and at least a few key marketing folks. That doesn’t sound like a company ramping up to get a new title to market.


Solo q ranking is just torture specially when you reach a high mmr you basically start every game with handicap cause the matchmaker has to either compensate your high mmr with lower mmr teammates or match you against a party.

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That actually makes me feel better. Thank you, good sir.

Best guess is they layoff all the unnecessary position to hire more game engineer

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