The rise of WP Celeste

played a Casual Match where the Celeste had no clue what to do. Went full CP build but never used her abilities. In fact, the amount of AutoAttacks coming out of her, she would’ve been better off going WP. no jk.

that same match The kestrel was WARMING Up the Air around us… thanks for that. We don’t actually want your shots to hit a target, because the air would get too cold.

Had a BlackFeather play Follow the leader with me. . and in True BlackFeather style, took his sweet time picking the perfect outfit while shopping. Hey, Gotta look good for the ladies, right :kissing_heart:

To top it off, good OL Ringo, the one handed Bandit. For someone who drinks inbetween shots, you did pretty good.

well, after witnessing all that, I couldn’t help but wonder if it’s because of the new joystick controls? Joystick user’s who after mastering the Art of button mashing, decided to try out tap touch, and then couldn’t figure out what to do.

I think that’s a probable explanation. I realize this post is part Salt. but I’m also wondering if my Theory really is true…

Joystick User’s… Do You Need Help? I think you do.

p.s. they all really did try their best. Pardon my Comedic tone.


The amount of sass in this post is hilarious. As to the actual content; what I think joystick is doing is making it easier for noobs who are using touch to climb as (in my opinion anyway, it should probably be tested) they have an advantage over joystick users. I don’t know tho, your theory sounds just as valid.

I’d ask what rank this was at but matchmaker is such a mess at the moment that it probably wouldn’t even be a valid question

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hmm. i think what you said is also true.

but I based my theory on the observations and the question that I posed to myself: why would a Celeste be AutoAttacking Everything? and I could only think of that senario, where they didn’t even notice the abilities are on the bottom of the screen and no longer on the side, where it normally is, for joystick Users.

Thus In their panic and Unfamiliarity of the ability placement, just accept that at least they’re doing something rather than nothing… admiring those shooting stars coming out of that Majestic Staff.

edit - i think the celeste user at some point did notice the abilities, but got frustrated at why, when pressed, it did nothing… not realizing it needs a secondary press on the map for it to work.


This post pretty much describes what happens when I introduce friends to this game who’ve tried other mobile mobas.

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