The return of eu chat

So after roughly 3 months Eu chats are finally working. Tbh i basically accepted the idea that they might never work again the way Rogue have been working so far. A refreshing surprise.


That’s nice thing they did. Maybe shift this to Rogue surprises post? @hazeleyes

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let’s make a section and name it ‘Atonement’


Yep, noticed yesterday. It’s nice, tho I would wish bug fixing, network code optimisations + potentially more resources and API return.

No chance of API returning, that much is certain. SEMC didn’t build the API and had almost nothing to do with it when it WAS live. (They did manage to break some aspect of it with almost every patch of the client, though.) When MadGlory got bought by PUBG and they handed the API over to SEMC, they were unable to keep it running.

I can’t imagine Rogue has any interest in devoting the time and money that would be required to rebuild an API for VG.

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