The Quest for Absolute Evil

what reason would you have to perform atrociously evil acts? why would you murder and torment your own race? what would make you enslave a species? why is someone evil?

imagine there was a big mean person who did things like this. what do you believe could be the reason that compelled them to do it?

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Unrelated:Low key I thought this was gonna be a salt thread about the best way to troll your teammates.

Conditions for my argument.
  1. “The origin of desire.” Humans will always subjectively only intentionally seek out actions that are good.
  2. “Define good.” Good will be defined as a spectrum. Good refers to positive benefits. “Evil” actions have an absence of good compared to a better action. Through subjective eyes, even horrific actions have a minuscule amount of good in them.
  3. The desire to choose lower good spectrum actions isn’t independent and autonomous in nature. (Evil begets evil.)

The Easiest Way.
Okay, we’ve established our rules. There are multiple ways you could darken your soul. The easiest way is to blame nature. (Psychopathy) If you are born without the ability to feel empathy, Then most likely you will put value on a concept you can understand and feel. Combine this with environmental factors, and you get someone who has no respect for life and only an understanding of exerting power. Tah dah, Your psychopath has evolved into a killer!

Fallen from Grace.
Similar to the psychopath, your environment leads you bitter and broken. Slowly distancing yourself from morality and emotion, you justify your actions unlike the psychopath.

Video Game Reference, because I can.

“The more you kill, the easier it becomes to distance yourself. The more you distance yourself, the less you will hurt. The more easily you can bring yourself to hurt others.”

So yeh.

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i like your answer, it is quite reasonable, but i have another question

what would the environment have to do to make you that broken ?

Cause someone killed his or her dog

I have no idea if this is a serious question or you just bored ? , being bored could make you evil because you need to do things , having power without responsibility could lead to evil actions because who cares , people put themselves in others places but when they have the power to be safe they could be evil , that’s why you see nuclear weapons because the world is not safe , not safe without them and not safe with them.

Everything around you could be evil , your phone could be a product of greedy company making poor humans working all week , high amount of hours to get small percentage of the money you paid , you are evil .

There are very few trends between killers, except for one. Most killers had terrible home life. Abusive parents, exposure to worldly problems like finacial issues at a young age, and such. I’d argue being in the absence of happiness for too long

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I actually believe this entire question hinges on what is “good”, not “evil”

Okay but assuming that “good” is defined by a higher G-d of some sort, then there are two equally concerning possibilities.

  • The good is good because G-d loves it.
  • G-d loves the good because it is good.

Now, that leaves you with an epistemological dilemma. Either -

  • The good is good because G-d loves it, making our ideas of right and wrong completely arbritary and open for a complete reversal on a whim


  • G-d loves the good because it already is good, meaning that a higher form of G-d therefor exists to determine what is good, making our idea of G-d not all knowing and therefor irrelevant in the determination of good and evil.

Logically, it is impossible to determine what good is and we are thereby unable to determine what is evil, much less understand it. We all have our own perceptions of what is and isn’t but based purely on logic, your question is impossible to answer

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For me?

“Good is the record the status that is most convenient for a large group of people as it satisfies their emotional and or physical needs with minimum negative effects.”

“Evil is the status that is most convenient for a small group of people as it satisfies their emotional and or physical needs with minimum negative effects for them.”