The pinnacle of cancer

All contraption L talent Adagio.
3k+ heals every 12 seconds
Need to say more?


A hard CC comp with cancerous overleveled talents.

Adagio is cancer again? Oh no! Devs will nerf him so hard to the ground.

Wouldn’t a spell sword version of this be worse? Because he would also hit like a truck… hmm, might have to try to abuse this next time we do Broken Talent Blitz in the PBE - thanks!


He’d be too quick to kill. I would add some damage item to the OP’s build tho. Almost no one is gonna have that much hp for the heal to be useuful and cdr drops off.

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But what if you built SB SM Triple Crit on level 20 Rare BF :thinking:

Veri naice :+1::+1::+1: we need vison