The PC version of Vainglory has completely blown me away

Bugs aside, it’s incredible.

Years ago when I first started playing Vainglory, a desktop option was always a dream of mine. And here I am, right now, playing in a whole new light, with a whole new perspective.

I’m just so happy.

It really is spectacular on the desktop. Not only are the graphics gorgeous on the large screen, but the audio and music are simply astounding. The overall effect on my setup (ultrawide monitor, large near-field studio monitor speakers) is very much like watching a feature film!

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I feel a bit jelly because most computers people have are superior to my laptop.

Vainglory plays fine on it, but I’m not used to the controls yet.

Wish that we will get the ability to change key binds soon.

I would certainly like it if I can fit most of the abilities on a familiar control set I use for Overwatch, which runs on low end shiity mode, lol.

isn’t it harder to stutterstep in pc? especially ranged hero…

How do you get VG on PC? Is it available for everyone atm?

Though I wish they would make a pc client and stop forcing me to delete and reinstall each time they update it.

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Ethernet Cable

The best thing ever

It’s not as bad as you’d imagine but it certainly is easier when tapping.