The original joule syndrome

joule thunderstrike used to auto target. it’s so powerful that semc decides to change it to a skillshot…

now now… let’s change to joystick control and…

you can auto-aim with blackfeather, flicker, celeste, and of course, JOULE
no aim needed

you mastering skillshot in a second

semc should make those skills never auto aim, imo

No skill should Auto aim but they justify it calling it a lazy aim as it targets where the person was when you press the skill. Problem with that a lot of skill shots are fast enough to blink and get hit

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Auto-Aim is going to be devastating if you are right next to her and pathetic if you are far away.
Same is with Lance , a close range Impale would definitely root you but a long range one wouldn’t even hit you.
Guess that balances it out by a bit?

in lance case yes
what i mean is bf celeste flicker where the skill is almost instantly there

the lazy aim (the correct term) should be removed for those skills


erm. i agree with joule thunderstrike being easier.

but how is flicker easier? the longest root in the game needs prediction and so damn easily dodged i wouldn’t recommend putting it at their feet.

flicker is a really bad example.
Celeste is another which I would only recommend joystick with low tier play.

BlackFeather, yes. i agree.

Kestrel is easier if you got use to joysticks I just couldn’t keep playing it

there are certain heroes, that when you build the correct items, their AA will produce more damage than their abilities and it’s actually beneficial to just keep AA’ing all day long.

WP Saw, Wp Skye, Wp Adagio.

Kestrel atm no, because of the no crit bug, but yes, normally AA is highly beneficial.

AutoAim for abilities are mixed, some abilities will be better, some won’t.

I am talking about her a being lazy locked atm

yeh i still think Kestrel is at a disadvantage with lazy lock. it will miss if your target is moving.

Half of all skillshots need to be calculated because of target moving all the time.

Vs a joystick player the old FPS move weirdly to dodge incoming fire will have enormous effects.

I agree. In the case of Joule, Her B jump would most likely miss if you relied on Auto-Aim. and her ULT, while it could be on target, would most likely not be the ideal path to cause the most damage.

these are things that could be mastered with joystick, but I would say it’s just much easier with tap touch.

So 1 ability being easier with joystick isn’t really game breaking.

I’m more concerned with SAW and Ringo. lol.


Even with Kensei the optimal location selection with his A will cause Nasty delays compared to tap.

Strong Joystick heroes: Adagio, Rona, Ringo, Vox, Saw,

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