The Old VG

I am a veteran VG player. I have been playing it for a long long time. I was playing VG from 2015 up to 2019 (I started playing more towards the end of 2015) Before it was big in Esports, when it was big in Esports, and after all the hype died down. I was an active member of the old forum and it was great. The quality of VG has really hit a low. I used to get on discord with friends and we would all hop on but now all thats dead (for me anyways). It takes longer to get in a game and they really killed it by letting 3v3 go. 3v3 is what VG was found upon. 3v3 built VG. 5v5 is cool but not the same. SEMC really crumbled too, as they lost a lot of really good developers, the old forum that was actually good is dead, and the game has a incredibly small player base. Not to mention all the problems with the actual gameplay and heroes. Do you think VG will ever make a comeback? Or will it continue to die.

RIP- The good old VG.

Thanks for your veteran knowledge bro, I started playing yesterday and it was okay but the problem was that I didn’t really know how to activate the boots but after playing for 20 minutes I just gave up on trying to make it work and just decided to first item Journey Boots. It feels faster but for some reason Halycon Boots feel much quicker but I don’t think that item is good for San Feng. I spent a lot of money on characters because I did not feel like grinding and omg I was so disappointed because I thought the skins would come too!!! I was so sad when I didn’t get the Water ENCHANTER Lyra skin. I wish I could go back in time sometimes so I would be able to play from the beginning and complain just like you because I really like to ramble ON AND ON AND ON.

In all seriousness, just find a different game to play because there is no point in trying to bring the game down for others. This is one of the first places that new players, as well as older ones, find when searching for a "community".

Vainglory literally has an active Discord server and reddit where you will almost always find someone to play with. This game was never big in eSports it just became big for its own size and chewed off more than it could bite.

What they did in 2017 was probably one of the worst decisions in their entire lives, Worlds. Sure it was fun to watch but that doesn’t excuse it as one of the reasons as to why VG did poorly. Built up hype for the debut of 5v5 did cause a massive spike but it just went down. Losing esports isn’t the reason why VG is doing bad, its because they had such a large scale esports scene that it did badly.

How exactly do you know that VG has a small player base? There are over around 300 Vainglorious players in NA and the devs claim that to be less than 1% of the entire players. That means at least 30000 players are in NA. Active players? I’m not too sure but players nonetheless. After all inactive players don’t get detected by the API anymore so it would only make sense for them to pull numbers from the semi-active to very active category.

VG’s been making a comeback and these posts aren’t even unique. If you want to voice your opinion just get ready to have a shitstorm of hate.

I don’t like VG either that much now because MM sucks, MMR sucks, high tier players suck, rewards suck, and dodging sucks. But at least talking about those things brings attention to what would make the game better, talking about how VG “used” to be good is pointless.

Here is a video of the Vainglory you love lmfao:

Also. These forums rock! I checked out VaingloryFire, and it’s ugly on mobile. This forum site has mostly positive members and as alluded to above, super intuitive on all devices.

VG is only dieing on a personal level. Find a reason to like it, play it, and it won’t be dead for you.

VG is not dying nor going downhill, there got multiple sources showing that VG playerbase is growing, only the old VG 3v3 is dying

Regardless 3v3 here got 2 really good comment from reddit:

You know what, we tried out that argument for 3 years on the mobile platform, and shitty league ripoffs with a 5v5 gamemode still managed to pull more players than 3v3 Vainglory. Lots of people said their reasons for not playing Vainglory were that it was only 3v3, which was largely viewed as inferior. It’s clear that what the majority of the potential playerbase wants is a 5v5 gamemode, not a 3v3 one.

SEMC flat out said mechanics were too good and they were correct. The meta got stale as everyone knew what to do. It was just a waiting game till someone screws up in the higher ranks. I like 5v5 a lot more because of the lack of focus on mechanics. You can be the best mechanical player on the planet but if you don’t know when to push or go for a Blackclaw and when not to you simply won’t do as good, and that’s pretty fair. Critical thinking is something 3v3 really didn’t have as much.

That 1% is from POA and VG, not only VG. VG is supposed to only be a 0.1%

Did you mean bit off more than it could chew?

That aside, I think SEMC has changed their mind on their target audience, The game is becoming much more designed for casual players than building towards a professional base like they originally wanted to. Maybe this is a bad idea, but maybe it’s just the current players who play for the more competitive feel don’t like this.

I wouldn’t trust the devs to do that, A) Because it’s SEMC and B) because it promotes them if it looks like they have more players.


It’s been a long time since they said 0.1% so I just stuck to less than 1%. If it really is 0.1% that’s even better.

The game doesn’t feel casual dude. It felt casual when every WP hero was broken because of Tension Bow’s new change but that was a while ago. Meta feels healthy, people are streaming more consistently, and Maxman gets a 100+ viewers every stream. After embracing the fact that I’m a jungler and playing against sweaties like LuluXiu it shows that people do care about the game and still find it competitive. Landing a clutch block on two stuns still has that same feeling. Journey Boots and using the “adrenaline” mechanic while running circles around the enemy still feels nice. Rushing boots as a jungler and ganking lanes has a new feeling that wasn’t there when 5v5 first started. People are scrimming all the time in privates to find whats meta.

The game is still competitive imo. Pros were amateurs at one point in their career as well.

I’m hoping for the best on the API part, it also makes sense to me. But then again SEMC doesn’t do sense.


Tasa left >_>

I love it when people say that. What sources? Where are you basing this off of? How did you come to that conclusion?

Semc keeps most of their player info internal and only a few websites carry info about VG. Such as google trends

And Chuck and Tyruzz. 3030303030

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I have no idea why no other company has developed touch controls and fixed cam

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Gameloft did. Even though SEMC say they were the first ones to develop touch for a mobile MOBA it was actually HOC which had both touch controls and joystick. They weren’t as crisp but its not like the game can be confused with a AAA title.

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It’s a moba you say?

Might have to check it out

It’s dead. By dead I mean GL actually left it to rot with its last balance changes. Not worth your time compared to VG. I’d even say try out ML lol.

VG playerbase is no where near what it was. (Of course games die out after awhile but VG died fast) Most of the good DEVS left and now the game is dying. Theres no doubt about it. I think the gameplay controls are fudged (I personally find it hard to target anyone even with the new control’s). I think if they went back to the original controls it would be a lot better. But thats just me personally. I know everyone has different views on the game. But people gotta stop getting so salty over dumb stuff. VG was never this toxic with rude players. (Not in my opinion anyway)

Well shit. Ofc all the good games die and ofc ml bing bong flourishes

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Yeah but VG died fast. I think if they kept the original controls, the original devs stayed. And if they still had major Esports teams playing and supporting them then it would still have a decent player base. Its like SEMC shot themselves in the foot with VG.

omg another assumption.

VG hasnt died first of all.

Just yesterday they had a professional HotS and regular LoL player stream Vg WITHOUT being sponsored with 400 viewers.

Starting was there, and a few other people like CopyCat. And Ed the Shred was there too but as usual, he tried to sweeten him up with free heros and couple of skins.

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The game was good but it was run by a shit company. SEMC just makes mistakes but GL is actually greedy. It was also a 2013 game and I would say the first real mobile MOBA. Funny enough though VG was the game that killed it as well lol.

I was trying to avoid commenting in this thread, but you’re just posting too much nonsense for me to ignore.

  1. Vainglory is not dead (obviously), and there is no objective evidence that Vainglory is dying. If you think you have some sort of proof of its imminent demise, feel free to share it with us.
  2. “Most of the good devs” have not left SEMC. In actuality, all of the core devs – the ones who built the engine and who drive actual development of the game – are still with SEMC.
  3. You appear to be trying to say that the original control scheme no longer exists. That’s false. Joystick controls were added, but the original touch control system has not been removed.
  4. You talk about the size of the player base as if you have some idea of what it is. Since SEMC considers that information a trade secret, unless you work for them, you are (1) guessing or (2) basing your estimate on other people’s guesses.
  5. Esports was never going to make VG into a success. Not. Ever. Placing the massive emphasis on esports early on actually hurt the game much more than it helped it.

I don’t think there’s anything more to be gained from leaving this thread open.