The Nymphs are recruiting! - Casual fun-based guild!


who we are​:

we are a group of Players who are here to have fun together. Our skill tiers are mixed through, we don’t rate people on what their in game rank says, but on how friendly and fun to play with they are. We’re always there to have fun on discord, even when we can’t play. Also, I myself run a youtube channel, and will upload any good plays you send me, you will be credited.


Discord. We all use it for communication, and we’re really a community that’ll always be having fun in the chat.

Activity. We run a 7 day inactivity policy, anyone without having played for longer than that will be removed. (If you know you can’t be active for longer than that, inform the leaders beforehand. Players who should be removed will receive a 24 hour warning via discord)

A good sense of humor. Seriously, this is what we’re all about.

Apart from that, there’s nothing you need. We will not tolerate Toxicity, as in spam pinging teammates, sarcastic thumbs up pings and harassment of players in the chats. We are all open to valid criticism though, and are always looking for help improving our game. Toxic players will be given one warning, and will upon repeat of inappropriate action be removed with the leaders decision. If you have a problem with a guildmate, report it to a leader and we will investigate. All complaints will be taken seriously.

So, you want to join?

Find the leaders:
Captain: IGN MacAulay, on Discord MacAulay#4090
Officer: IGN Illumedi, on Discord Mr.Medi#7573

Join the Discord server:

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Still recruiting - and running a guild tourney! come check us out!