The new UI is growing on me

Since the release of the new UI it has seen some MASSIVE improvements and at it’s current state, I am starting to like it now. Just one problem…WE NEED THE SKAARF HERO ICON BACK!!!


I kind of miss when we could slide the homepage left or right to see the news, to me it made feel more “alive”


Y E S , P L S…

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I’m really hating that rewards screen after every match. Before 3.4 it was showing everything you got after the match (still hated it btw) but now it’s a freaking presentation and everything 's flying all over the screen. WTF


Yeah, I’m not a fan. It’s over the top. I wish they’d dispense with the animations or let us turn them off.


I like how it now shows how much elo you earned or lost, but the icons flying all over seems unnecessary to me.

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I think the icons move to the areas where that currency/reward kind of lives. So glory flies to your glory tally, guild fame moves to the social tab, xp and sunlight go to your account badge, etc. It’s a really good idea to help newer players know what each of those things are, but I don’t think it’s been iterated enough. A few more tweaks, and it’ll be really nice.

I sorta like the flying icons :no_mouth: