The New Block System Is Ingenious

It actually gives downvotes a meaningful impact now and also greatly reduces the need for the system to manage as many of them, as to keep avoiding a particular player, players will have to manage how often they downvote or risk being matched with the same person again. And how useful is the new recently matched feature for dealing with people you actually do or don’t want to play with again! Good stuff semc! This update is on a roll!


What block system? Where are the patch notesssssssssssss?

The last 5 people you downvote can’t be on your team. It’s in one of the posts about the update.


ohh wow. thank god. I can finally remove some scrubs.


And thus began the great revolution, from deciding between so noob it appears toxic or actually toxic people.


lol. Trust me. There are a few renowned trolls in SEA. Its reached a point where everyone knows them and someone or the other always dodges. I wonder how such people live with themselves. Dont they feel bad that everyone calls them a noob or toxic or troll. Everyone dodges if they see them on their team. I met this troll the other day and decided not dodge. HUGE MISTAKE. Same thing he did. No change.
I had decided to stop VG and start brawl stars thats releasing tomorrow. Cos Ive played COC and CR and there are times ive gotten bored but always got back to those games cos they are reliable. But this VG update seems good so lets see


Indeed. See I really like this because of a psychological effect I think it’s going to have on the game community, and I wonder if this part was intentional on semc: it will help foster more positivity between players just as much as it will keep perceived negative players away from you. People will now be forced to decide whether someone is so negative that you want to give up one of your downvote slots and that incentivizes the player base to pause and reflect. People will have a chance to be more forgiving and understanding. It also helps to stop flagrant downvoting.

I think they should really flesh out the block system, have it be a little list somewhere where you can see the names of the players you block, as well as provide the option to remove names off the list if you change your mind. This could really foster some good things in the community, while keeping the truly negative ones away from everybody. It could also give semc an easy way to see what names are appearing on multiple player’s lists and tale a hard look at those players habits to see why. Should make banning people much more fun! (Hamilton Kift voice! And if you know who that is and where it’s from you are an awesome person.) I mean I don’t know if it’s that way now but it should be.

In fact, I’d go as far as to say it is now appropriate for the lpq to be less strict and less time consuming. It can now be reserved for the most serious of chronic offenders, not just after 2-3 times, because now you can just one-and-done, bam, blocked, which I think is important because the lpw can be a serious deterrent to players returning to the game who’ve decided to change their ways.

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Now we can downvote a noob and get them as an opponent next game :smiley:


Lmao yes. And that. I wanted to stress the positive aspects before focusing on the sweet, oh so sweet one. I mean, it is a positive too. Oh, the joy I will have with trollers who rage ping me thinking I’m the reason they lost when they went 2 kills and 15 deaths!

is this true ? any proof ? 30303

Huh, I didn’t know SEA has a few renowned trolls.

Who are they may I ask? I don’t think I’ve ever encountered them.

No idea. I guess it’s somewhere in the dev stream but i cant be bothered to sit down and watch those things through unless I’m in the mood.

It’s in the leaked dev patch notes, not the officially released ones.

The patch notes are legit, but it doesn’t mean it made it into the finale build.

So, in conclusion, the block through down vote system is not in 3.9.

Could be a future feature, we shall see.

damnnnnnnnnn. All my hopes gone.

Omygod i think ive played with that player…

yeahh hes pretty famous. I met him today as an opponent. And I edited my post

It was about time they added that.

Pretty much everyone in sea has played against him at some point. Last I checked he’s spent over 10k hours in VG, which leads me to suspect he’s an advanced AI experiment by SEMC or something. When he doesn’t get Ringo he picks WP Petal. Dude’s a legend.

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