The most satisfying ability

Playing Catherine on low-ish health escaping 2/3 of the enemy team, when I’m cornered by SAW coming out of the bushes. He has full spin-up from just pushing lane, so he tries to Knife me. My B comes up at the last second and I activate it.

He one-shots himself and dies. :rofl:

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Cath is love, Cath is life.

Sadly I have to betray my main here, Tony’s ult is currently the most satisfying ability in the game.

How much HP did u have b4 SAW shanked u cuz the reflected damage can go up to 1k6 damage if u have little to no HP. (SAW main right here)

Skye’s FB
If you can land all 3 sec duration of it, you’ll melt 3/4 health of a tank

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I think Celeste’s solar storm is one of the most satisfying skills in the game. Yoloing the skill towards a teamfight halfway across the map and actually getting a kill out of it is the best best feeling ever.

Some honorable mentions for Krul’s boomerang hit or stunning the entire enemy team with Adagio’s verse of judgement for most satisfying skills.


For me: Ion Cannon. Dunno why but recently, my Ion Cannon accuracy has gone up to like 80%. And of course other include stabby stab SAWxTaka, snip snip Kesty and finally, that reflected 1k6 damage. Holy hell it gives me a boner every time.

My old vote would go to Blackfeather, when you’re losing a 1v1 and almost dead whilst your opponents holds about 1/3 of his health, and you just insta delete him with your A for like 800 damage

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Glaive afterburn. Getting the right angle to ensure the knockback into the desired location feels extremely satisfying.

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Saving my teammate’s life by vanguard. Or sending cp Ringo’s ultimate to catch a fleeing enemy on low health.

I think killing someone after a chase using Lyra’s teleport is super satisfying, though, that’s not necessarily the ability but after the fact, so.


I think idris’ ult is as it is literally the perfect escape from major blows

Two days ago, I had a Kestrel snipe me with “One Shot, One Kill” - while I was in mid-air from Tony flinging me around.
I can’t imagine she had actually been aiming for me, but it was hilarious to go from “airborne with some hope of survival” to flying corpse.


It was pretty dang low, he could have easily killed me in a second. If that shank had hit me I would have died for sure. He had a good chunk of his health left as well.

It’s the same as when you launch Joule or Baron’s jump and you die right before or in the middle and end up launching a flying body across the lane.


I’m not sure why One Shot, One Kill isn’t on here more.

Very rarely can I, but when I pull off a snipe from across the map I feel like a god

Echo for those double-taps.

pew pew


Because it is a very easy to use skill and it takes little effort.

The kills are awesome but it isn’t as satisfying as a skill that takes actual effort to pull off.

This is entirely subjective. It may not be a high-effort skill but that doesn’t detract from it being satisfactory to land.

*edit, wrong -tive.


Hence my statement that the kills are awesome.

However pulling off highly difficult moves successfully is much more rewarding.

Right, but this brings us back to it being subjective. It’s a moot point.

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