The maturity of some players

We drafted and varya instalocked. We had a rough start because after a couple of minute yates had connetion problems and stood still for a couple of minutes. Then our varya started trolling. He sold everything, bought 30 scout traps and started drawing flowers in our base. Then our yates came back and we were at 7 minutes mark. Our yates then stopped having problems and played for the rest of the match.
Our varya could have rebought even a few cp items and we would have won. But no apparently running into the enemy turret, fountaining us at full health, spamming surrender and standing near ozo’s 3 ring circus was a better idea for him. I was pingin “don’t give up” and everytime yates and i were killed he just spammed smiley faces and “don’t give up” back. I have to thank yates for bearing my and varya’s ping.


The playerbase is shot. Most people still can’t even pick a role they don’t want, much less play through a match they don’t think they’re going to win. Punishments for bad playing seem like they’ve been lessened recently and we need them more than ever.

Ironically in another match i had the same connetion issue as yates. The app crashed during early game but once i returned we still won the match

Well I understand the varya point because the afk Yates will get punished and you both not going to lose points , so to continue playing is in Yates advantage and just surrendering going to hurt him , like most of the time if Iam in varya place I would play the game because Iam not losing and if I win I get points so it’s a big thing make me play without pressure , but if the game already bad and enemy ahead I would rather surrender and move to the next game , I know it is bad for Yates but connection problems are annoying .

I accepted surrender from my teammates as an afk before in a 100% winnable game because I don’t think you going to convince two players wants to surrender to play the game , connection destroyed the game and the game in their hands it’s up to them to continue or surrender .

The point is the yates went afk, but not for long enough to gave us afk forgiveness. So by trolling he made everyone on our team lose points which is the thing that pisses me off the most. If varya really wanted to play another match he could have just gone afk and I and yates would have surrendered.

Are you sure ? , i think he thought you going to get afk forgiveness , did you have chat on during the game , like it could be Yates didn’t have connection problems and he was typing toxic stuff towards the varya so the varya started trolling , it happened to me before , like in one of my matches the toxic guy was playing normal while the good guy was trolling , so if I turned off the chat I would assume the opposite .

I had chat set on all kind of karma players. And no nobody was using the chat. Yates simply stood still in the base after invading the enemy jungle early and at the beginning of the match he wasnt salty at all for playing roam. And when he returned we didn’t hear the “ally rejoined the match” so it means the game didn’t registered the afk

There are some weird moments with the afk especially when you lag or aren’t actively playing. I got a lpq the other day because I stopped trying when a teammate started troll pinging and rushing the enemy 3v1. Mind you the teammate stopped playing too. We both went back to base and just stood there running around in circles, but I was the one that got marked a deserter. Maybe we both did, not sure, but I was damn salty that someone else was troll feeding but I was the one that got hit with a penalty just because there wasn’t much point in trying any more.

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