The Lower Tier Bans are absolute bs

I am in Tier 5 G at the moment(after the reset) and the bans are so ridiculous that it is no surprise that it is so easy for smurfs to smurf their way to to the high tiers.

For example…

1 priority ban is Flicker and it is complete bs. Flicker doesn’t work well at all and is unreliable at best.

Then they STILL Ban Alpha despite the fact that she isn’t strong anymore and was nerfed very badly.

And then next thing you know they ban Taka despite him not being very strong in general UNLESS they are good players AND they use WP taka which is tons better than CP.

And they still ban Baron simply because of his CP.

And this gives the enemy team a free chance to get Kensei, Grace, Kestrel, Celeste, malene(ETC)


It is no wonder why more than decent players find it difficult to get out of the Tier 5-6 range


I know the struggle. Completely but I guess that’s what you should expect. I mean, it answers itself, it’s the lower tiers.

Low tiers. What do you expect.


I ban krul and taka still… my reason? to STOP my newbie teammates from picking them~!.. i can’t stand to see a krul just standing in the middle of a jungle NOT earning gold or exp.

I can deal with facing all those “supposed” OP heroes. Don’t really care if i need to Face them… i care if my teammates are just completely useless.

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It’s just mid-tier players being mid-tier players. Banning weak heroes is as common as Oxygen.

I accidentally bought in to the Idris event on my t6 Smurf (thinking it was my main). All 3 losses were because no one banned kensei and enemies picked him. I have so much PTSD from facing kensei I think I’ll just keep banning him even if he’s nerfed to nothing.


At least they don’t ban SAW or Petal

Petal is worth the ban more so than alpha or Taka…

I don’t think bans have any impact on a smurf’s low tier climbing.

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Yeah down in Tier 6 Flicker is such a common ban because the captains hardly ever opt to buy vision and most people have poor scout cam placements.


They ban Saw sometimes…


well my experience different because i have low tier 5v5 accounts
i see enemy who supoosed to first pick banning kensei and kinetic , and same for my team when they first pick they banned these heroes , and when i get the first pick i banned anything else but kensei or kinetic , and my team rage in the chat , like why i banned if i can pick them , they dont know hahahaha

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As someone who’s generally stuck at t5-6, I can relate. I find the top bans are Krul, Taka, SAW (honestly I ban that dude so my allies don’t pick him) and Flicker. I also see a lot of Kinetic bans, which is hardly necessary looking at her win rate…

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