The level of trolls was just too dam high

Ok a lil backstory on this picture, after getting into hero select I indicated I wanted jungle to which saw up there went straight lock to saw lane. I highlight taka and stay for a 15 seconds now after that much time I figure you are gonna go with the flow so I lock in taka. Last second before the math baptise cp captain locks in. Just after seeing that happen I knew this was all wrong. For the first 3 minutes baptise thought a taka shouldn’t be farming a jungle but captaining a saw as he decided last hitting all my jungle spawns. Now if that wasn’t bad enough baptise finally decided to captain as a feed, than spawn jungle captain feed. After 10 minutes saw spammed we need vision. Can I get one fun match a day


I feel you buddy. Happens all the time in lower tiers.


As soon as I hit tier 6, I got 4 wins in a row. Reached Silver easily, hope it will stay like that. Idk why people do that, I don’t know if its a tier thing or what.

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If you want a fun match you can always play with some forum people’s in your server

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To me that takes the fun out of moba games honestly. You get use to playing with certain people and than you dislearn a big part of mobas the adaptability

Wouldn’t playing with trolls take the fun out of a moba

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It does but it isn’t eveytime you get a 2/3s of your team trolling

Very true but personally I’d rather play with people who wouldn’t troll or tilt at the slightest things which happens in solo queue
But to each his own


Also if no one but trolls and new people play than all you will get is a loss of fresh as the trolls all go unchecked

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