The “Hunter” Ylva! Initial and Concept Art by ALEX CHEN

So Alex Chen, one of the OG artists from pre 3.0 has come out with the concept sketches and more detailed pics of Ylva.

Its nice to see his work after such a long time <3

Theres alot more stuff here thats REALLY interesting. Pls check it out if interested!

Intital Art:

Concept Art:


Awesome! Alex was the hand behind a lot of the imagery in the lore articles, so it’s great to see him still working on the VG heroes. And Ylva’s splash is really amazing.


It’s amazing that, despite having nothing to do with the actual gameplay at all, something like this was done for the lore. :clap::clap::clap:

Also this gif is everything

Really interesting to see the slight changes like the slightly tilted position of her weapon and the appearance/disappearance of animals in the background.


I just looooooove her! She’s my new main! :heart_eyes: Can’t wait for her skins!!!

Lorelai mains cry in the background

Honestly I really like early concept for her weapon.

Hopefully it might see the light in the form of a skin.