The Hero Spotlight To Kinetic Is Here. Let's Discuss

The Heroic Perk is another 4 charge one, but it shoots additional, tiny attacks. Her ultimate is a mixture of Ringo Ult and Kestrels. Her B is like the dash of Vox, and her A is to empower her Heroic Perk… Her A is like the A of Skaarf… Although it does look like a hero I’d love playing, she seems oddly broken imo. I wonder what her builds would be, because she looks like a CP/WP hero that either uses critical hit builds or lifesteal, I can’t quite make it out

What the heck damage is that… Did none of the bots build defense ? Seems OP, but we’ll have to see.

it only takes 5 stacks to reach maximum. Anyone that can use Samuel will find it easy to land her “blockable” shots.

Not only Samuel, she seems very easy to play to me and gathering stacks won’t be a problem. The dash+A is so overpowered, but we’ll see…
And yes, bots didn’t get defense

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The overdrive stun to disrupt abilities from a distance will be so good.

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She looks, errr boring, I’m usually one of the first to depart with ice for new hero’s but with her I’ve got literally no interest.

Perk - empowers range attack
A - Ranged attack
B - Dash then ranged attack
C - longer ranges attack

Compared for the recent diversity in hero designed she’s just appears incredible dull, there is nothing unique about her or her play style.


I guess you are right! Nice take on it

I know I sound rather negative but her kit just looks dull, she’s got nothing unique about her or the playstyle.

Some range, some more range oh and range to finish it all off. Lol

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Well, it’s a different playing style, or at least… Preparation style, but the kit is recycled

Guess it’s a new hero to ban, so o shouldn’t complain too much.

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She seems like quite a simple hero. Right now, I think SEMC are just whacking out heroes left right and centre to up the hero count and make drafts more diverse, which isn’t a bad thing, but does lead to some quite simple heroes (Tony, Kensei, Kinetic).

To Kinetic though, her kit looks like it’s centred around her A for CP builds, and her perk for WP builds. She’ll be quite the poke hero to get those stacks up either way, which will be interesting when played against the new Item Pulsewave, which promotes all-out dive gameplay.

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1 word.

She is practically the layla of VG with a Dash

Kensei isn’t that simple, I don’t understand him to this day lmao. I only know he deals more damage to high HP enemies. I don’t think they try to spam heroes, yet yes… They are unoriginal. Varya is a bad version of CP Vox lol

Varya is superior version of CP Vox.

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Nah Varya I liked a lot. There are some amazing heroes in the game, which you can tell they’ve spent a lot of time on (Churny and Malene are prime examples), but I just get the feeling with Kensei especially they’ve just dropped something in to fill a gap.

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tbh yeah her kit is boring but i find a simple hero refreshing. i feel like they wanted to release a hero that’s more straight forward and approachable and they did, which is good.

but she’s OP and slumbering husk is a must against her for sure. they should make it to where her perk can only stack when attacking heroes and hopefully her dash has a long cool down. gap closer heroes are getting rather stale in all honesty

I think having simpler heroes is very refreshing too, I don’t want to analize a hero 24/7 in order to find out what they are good at haha…

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Again, you know I had to do it to 'em

  1. Her early game seems a bit weak. She can’t trade against many other laners, is fairly stationary, and can’t get away as well as many other laners.

  2. She must build some type of energy regen early, or she can’t keep her stacks up. Spellsword works; Halcyon Chargers would also probably work. Since she needs to use her A to build her stacks, it’s really not possible to skimp or delay energy regen.

  3. Her abilities are pretty easy and straightforward. Where she gets a bit challenging is planning your movement in a way that you can keep shooting things to keep your stack up. Teammates “helping” Kinetic to kill things really screw her.

  4. Stutterstepping is a must. It’s not an optional skill like on other heroes — Kinetic needs to keep moving so she can quickly reach something else’s to shoot, so she needs to keep moving smoothly and auto-attacking at the same time.

  5. Attack speed makes her much easier to play, since more will help her to keep stutterstepping without messing up her moves or slowing her attacks.

Overall, I find her kinda meh. I’ll use her when I need a weapon laner, and Gwen or Kestel aren’t available.

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Its a Easy difficulty hero, of course shes going to be boring like ringo ect. Yall so used to having fun characters like skye, ozo malene ect with cool kits, everyone wants spicey heros and not that basic made for noobs hero