The Guardians of Avreon, Part I

Beyond the kingdom of Gythia, Far across the many isles of the Known World,

Lies another kingdom, Avreon.

Avreon was a place of peace, a world of wonder, a battlefield.

The once peaceful and harmonic kingdom shattered eversince many kingdoms and empires tried to invade and control the land, its treasures, Most specifically, It’s power.

Avreon was also the land of the arcane and the ethereal. For it’s denizens are blessed with unique powers, Powers that could overthrow many empires and kingdoms.

In order to purge this, The king trained his children to defend the kingdom from the endless warfare.

Each of them possess a unique gift that help them serve their purpose.

The youngest, Farrid, Possesses the gift of Sharp Sense. With his gift, He eliminates his targets with his arrows. Even those from the farthest distances.

The fourth, Estris, Holds the gift of Everlasting Light. Wielding the powers of holy light, She helps her allies in defending the kingdom by punishing her foes and weakening them with her empowered skills.

The third, Caydren, Keeps the gift of Fearless Edge. With brute strength and a noble heart, He dauntlessly charges into battle with his enchanted blade, Sanguinem. Empowering himself and his blade in return.

The twins, Arius and Annora, are the most powerful of them all. Both equally powerful, They lead the charge and directing the battle to their favor.

Arius, The first twin, Is the keeper of the Ethereal Guard, with otherworldly forces, He devotes himself in using his powers to protect his allies from danger and benevolently aiding them in dire times.

Annora, The second twin, is the wielder of the Arcane Wrath. Master of the arcane power, She manipulates arcane energy to control the minds of her foes and fiercely annihilating those who stood her path.

United as one, They were unstoppable. Directed every battle to their favor. Instilled fear into the hearts of their enemies. Fighting and defending their kingdom with grace and ferocity. Until finally emerging victorious in the end.

After the war, The king appointed his children as the guardians of the kingdom.

Farrid, As the Keen Warhunter, Who hunts those who try to invade.

Estris, As the Transcendent Sentinel, Who guards the kingdom from the skies.

Caydren, As the Defiant Conqueror, Who defends his people with brute force.

Arius, The Ethereal Protector and Annora, The Arcane Annihilator, Who fights together along with their siblings.

Now that the warfare is over, With the guardians watching over. Avreon is now once again a land of peace, balance and harmony.

Or so they believed.