The Gold Toad - A Fan Build

It’s been so long since the Gold Toad (GT) was announced in December 2017. Maybe it’s taking so long because SEMC is creating something amazing. Here is my Gold Toad dream:

GT Passive - Warts
GT attacks cause enemies to break out in Warts. Hero’s lose 5% max energy per basic attack from GT.

GT Active - Hmm Tasty
Once attacked GT can target a hero between 5 and 7.5m away once every 3 seconds. GT will spit his sticky tongue out catching the hero and pulling them into melee range. Hmm Tasty does 1.5 damage of an auto attack and proc’s Warts. Heroes are also covered in spit slowing them 35% for 1 second and become GT primary target.

GT Death Animation - Toadies
Upon dying 3 mini toads leap out of the water in 3 different directions. Each mini toad is worth 10g. After 2 seconds of hopping around, the mini toads target the nearest hero. The toadies do 1/3 the damage of GT. If no hero is in range, they return to the pond. Toadies disappear after 30 seconds, restarting the GT timer.

The goal: VG needs an energy burn mechanic and why not give it to GT. Ranged Mid laners are often taking this camp and by adding a ranged pull and energy burn, this should make it costlier. Toadies give enemies a mechanic to inhibit camp spaws like with the healing treant. This also adds more gold to GT. Lastly, this creates a unique mechanic that can be exploited by a smart player. Just like heal treants can be used to trap a chasing enemy, GT can be used to pull in a fleeing enemy.



Pretty sure it got abandoned :sob:


I’m pretty sure it quit for a more steady paycheck a gold toad can’t be broke you know

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The truth is Gold Toad was a concept to replace the Gold Oak, yes. But when the teams got together they made such a nice model of the Gold Toad they were like hm why not just make a Gold Toad hero. Obviously his lore ties in with Tahm Kench a future hero in update 3.8. Gold Toad is confirmed to be coming out as a hero in update 4.2.1. Yes you see those numbers write there will be a hotfix because they had an accident and gave BF his original kit + Phill Leg Talent. He was able to turret dive so hard BF mains were quickly switching to other heroes as the bandwagoners came. This glorious age of the reverted BF was over and they deleted him in the game. I’ve heard that they replaced him with Pae but we are not too sure. Yes I want gold toad.


It still is the gold toad.

Midas’ poisonous warts a part of the enemy turns into gold (animation like skaarfs burn) lowering the max energy by 5% for each stack 6 stacks max.

Deal extra damage based on stacks in certain skills.