The future of the forum

With Vainglory being… frozen for the time being (forever), I am very curios about the future of the “Vainglory Community Forums”. Obviously recently the discussion on here has spread to a wide variety of topics beyond VG, to the point where for the last 8 months or so non-VG content rivaled VG content.

I think it is likely this forum will see lively discussion when Catalyst black comes out, but I doubt it will be the “new focus” since it’s unlikely everyone who enjoyed VG will enjoy CB due to it’s more casual nature.

Frankly I’d love to hear what people think about the future here. It’s a really unique place on the internet, and I would not want to lose it. Could a re-branding be a good idea some time in the future to shift away from the VG connotation? Are we content to just hang out with the old gang here talking about whatever we are interested in? Share your thoughts.


Thanks for bringing this up! Like you, I think this is a pretty special place and a pretty special group of folks. I’ve been thinking about this subject for a LONG time, actually, and I would LOVE to know people’s thoughts as well.


I don’t know much about the back end management, but I assume a change of name would not be practical as it’s included in the URL of the site and everything?

(I’m presuming you’re asking about changing the domain name.) Definitely can be done:


For me the natural transition could be wild rift as this is the closest game to VG we get on mobile + I watched quite a few videos and some ideas are even inspired from VG. It really feels more like VG vs ML even if it got touch controls (can’t wait to try it myself and start the discussion with you all).

That + ofc VG CE and other games as it’s now, including LOL. Domain name change when wild rift hits is also a must imho, because it will attract a lot of new blood that will otherwise miss that awesome place.


Have been thinking about how these forums are gonna be in the future, there’s one the funding for this site and then two the name and domain change that has already been brought up. A name change would be needed but I don’t really know what to, would it be wild rift or cb or even more just a vague change like mobile games or something of that sort?


This will probably sound incredibly selfish of me, but I’m also considering what my future on the forums will now be like. Since VG is essentially on life support there is little support for hero ideas for VG.

I considered doing hero ideas with 4 abilities but I dunno where to start really. Without a basis of story it becomes very hard to engage people in ideas.

Ultimately I may just transition to thinking up tales for characters in VG that never got any satisfactory lore.


I agree with the general sentiment of possibly rebranding around WR/mobile gaming in general, seeing as those are talked about more here and the site’s current namesake, VG, doesn’t really have much merit for discussion for the foreseeable future.


Two suggestions for a potential rebrand: (WR Community Forums) (Mobile MOBA Community Forums)

It’d be cool to have an “about” page or a pinned and closed welcome thread that pays a brief homage to the history of this site and VG.

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Tbh I want to laugh. But at the same time I shouldn’t. Also WRForums looks better than the other choice ngl.

Not to negative, but I do kind of question if either of those are appropriate (and maybe this is just my own bias talking)

Is a significant enough portion of the people here interested in wild rift? I personally can’t see myself transitioning to the game long term, I would just play league on PC if I wanted to play league (which it seems like quite a few people here already do). It’s also doubtful this place could become the premier place for long form WR discussion, the game is already out there and has massive communities in different places anticipating it.

As for the MOBA aspect. Idk if it sits super well especially if a portion of us end up here for CB discussion.

Not trying to shoot down ideas, these are probably the two most likely routs. These are just my takes. Personally it would be cool to brand this place as a cozy gamer/hobby hang out. We could do events to rally around every once and a while, and otherwise do what we do know, which is discuss all things gaming, and unrelated interest.


I was thinking that renaming this place to be general gaming or mobile gaming may be a good way to go but then no one really looks for places of just general gaming to discuss on, they usually go looking for a specific game’s forum/platform to discuss on. I dunno if a top aim here with this new rebranding would be to help get more people to come here. If it’s not really a top aim then a general name would be fine but with how little people are here I’d say getting more people to visit here would be important for the future of the forums and so a more focused name would be better.

Saying that I dunno if wr would be the best fit since I don’t know how many here would actually stick with that especially when some already play lol. Cb I’m unsure of too since it’s a different kind of play from vg so wouldn’t attract the all same people. A specific game as the subject of the forum can be easier to find for new people and clearly most discussion would revolve around that, but as of now with only those still here a general games forum is honestly more representative of the place.


The name should be targeted towards WR, because the other one is too vague to attract people. Most that end up here would be like: “oh, another small forum about a lot of things, cool” and move on + a lot less will end up here to begin with.

I am sure there would not be a lot of dedicated WR forums, especially at it’s release so it’s a good opportunity to grab the core WR players and lay ground as the “go to” place for WR. So imho to get the most new users + attention, potential media coverage - it should be clearly targeted towards WR, both as a URL and design. Besides, we all know that the primary topic here would most likely end up to be WR.