The dragons

I watched some 5v5 streams and I noticed people ignore the dragons , and just tried playing 5v5 and got matched against different tiers with my mid-low tier accounts in 5v5 , I was actually trying to figure out the role that makes me strong in the team and good for me as a jungle/roam 3v3 player , I get kills I stop enemies I split push , I tried everything , but at the end it comes to our composition and the banned heroes and objectives .

And in one game I got triggered because we doing so well as a team fight comp and early pressure , so the roam was leading the team to more fights and ignoring the objectives , I thought this is interesting and I actually didn’t expect a response from him , but I told him in chat that he is going to make us lose the game and he should follow me , but he said follow the captain.

But I asked about the dragons and why they ignoring them , he said they will get stolen , this is weird , his idea about taking dragons is 100% safe , he supposed to kill every single one of the enemy then take dragons , we never got an ace the whole game , we were killing 3 to 4 players and they keep chasing the last player while I was sad and pinging the dragons and taking them , but I hear my teammates dying one after one because of miscalculated dive .

He actually doesn’t know how strong our comp was early game and by enemy attempting stealing we get an easy ace and the dragon both , the sad thing everytime we die the enemy was taking the dragons and we reached late game and we started to die and team fight aren’t good for us anymore .

Honestly, I would have just attempted to solo a frost wing and see if someone joins in. If not, move on.

Valid problem with any sort of a team game that you play in soloq mode. This is also the reason why a lot prefer semi/full party as they play with players on their same page + they know each other. Sometimes is better to chill, follow the team and die, instead of tilting them/yourself with pings and going for objective while they search for a fight. I understand you tho, I frequently play with t10 silvers and when I return from them and their decisions to t10 bronze boosted players - it’s really frustrating as they miss so many opportunities to pull ahead. Sadly, no way to avoid that and with (I think) the shrinking player base it’s getting harder and harder to be matched with players on “the same page as you”.


What made me create this thread is the buff to black claw next patch , like I could be some random 3v3 player , just playing solo 5v5 to see what’s happening , but what about the 5v5 soloq players , the buff is rewarding party players , like in my example in this thread from what I seen that game we deserved the win , the enemy played very bad and draft bad they just won because my team ignored objectives , like if Iam going to party 5v5 next patch I would avoid fights and pick the best dragons stealers easy win .

I did in all the games , in one of the games I captured ghostwing alone twice , and other games I captured them but my team already dead they were picking fights in bottom lane while I was taking the dragon top lane .

I honestly tried a lot of times to follow the team but we die quick , I think the problem is enemy realizing that Iam good and supposed to die I guess or we against a party and they focusing me , I think all the games that I won my team was following my pings , and lost almost all the games if someone else leading the team , it’s something I can’t control , in one of the games few days ago I got 15 kills and most of them 1v3 as a San feng , 15 kills and nobody listening to my pings , my team was chasing and leaving all our lanes minions getting pushed , like I couldn’t handle the game , enemy had multiple split push players while I was the only one stopping them and they were fighting without me , I have no idea how am supposed to win that game , imagine adding a powerful dragon to that like the new black claw , I would quit the game if i was a real soloq 5v5 player .

VG is objectives game, but sadly a lot of players refuse to understand that. Also true, black buff will reward coordinated teams better as it will be harder to take as 2-3 players while the other two are doing something else, for example.

Yesterday I got celeste that goes with kestrel 2vs3 late game while the other 2 enemy players where naturally close to their teammates and all 5 got a lot of CC, mobility, chase… ofc celeste died. Other example is cath in one game, we fight for 5 times (engage-disengage, pinging cath to join) around the black late game with enemy team there… she continued to deal dmg to the dragon for like 2minutes and didn’t help… we lost 4vs5 :slight_smile: lose us the game too… ahhh, so good :slight_smile:

If Iam going to talk about the teammates I get in 5v5 I wont stop , recently I got a bottom laner started buying items at the 7 minutes mark , he was without items the whole 7 minutes , what worst is he actually protected his lane which means enemy top laner was super bad .

Like I get that this game is about objective , but do not make objectives too strong , people party and win games easily without learning how to fight , then the top tiers get players playing like bots and complaining about tiers means nothing , they need to fix this .

Not much they can do where players not going for objectivesis concerned. There are only so many incentives they can give. Players have to understand for themselves.

I think the general issue is that team games that emphasize teamwork just don’t fare well unless there is a strong contingent of players looking to make a large pro scene, because they require coordination on a higher and more technical level. It’s why moba players suffer compared to fpses: fpses are usually team games that emphasize individual success in contribution to the team.

Cue semc not incentivizing pro player retention and doing more to adjust rank to fit actual gameplay and we have ourselves where we are: most of the playerbase is casual and uninvested in the long term in a complex and strategic game, therefore matchmaking is bad for pretty much everyone besides people who are new to the game and don’t know what they’re doing.


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