The Dirtiest ARAL Match Ever

Phinn. Legendary Talent. Not much else to say. It’s possible I made someone quit the game today.
So, 3v3 and 5v5 it is. If I could do what I did to the enemy team, then I do not want it done to me. Not risking it. It’s so busted. All you gotta do is have the competence in your team to stall long enough to build about 3-4 defensive items and you outheal the turret shots at max strength. Less than that at max lvl talent. It’s pretty much a wash from there when it comes to forcing the enemy team to just weep at base with constant pressure. Not something anyone doesn’t know but it hit me, how gamebreaking I was for the match.

The enemy could just ignore you and kill your team, as you can’t die from turrets if they don’t kill you there will be a point where you are behind in items, being an easy win. Legendary Phin is one of the easiest talents to beat when your team knows how to counter it, oppressive if not. The enemy probably didn’t know how to handle it.

It depends on your timing. Legendary Phinn isn’t a guarantee be it loss or win, but he is a deciding factor in games where he can build his items. It’s not fair compared to other heroes.

They can literally just ignore you, kill your team, and push all your turrets and you’d lack the dmg to solo their turrets or stop them.

If you know what you’re doing as Phinn they can’t ignore you, especially skillshot heroes. AA heroes yeah, but a good Phinn with raid boss is a meanace like no other after a certain point in 3v3. Not enough dmg to take him down combined with a new ease of building items.

It’s one of the few balanced talents so it’s quite fair. Honestly, I consider it to be an easy win in ARAL (fighting it). I don’t see any problem.

I think it could be good in one case if you have something like Magnus Celeste baron skaarf Malene vox Samuel varya kinetic Gwen , against baptiste reim Rona alpha krul Inara glaive and Melee roam heroes , enemy has a chance if they have assassins , but because of the rng you could have an advantage , the problem is we don’t know others talents lvl , like I got recently matched against lvl5 and up epic talents players in ARAL while my team has lvl1 rares like me , if the other team has better talents they can beat your team .

There’s ways around this. A Phinn with that much health can deal very little damage, so he relies on teammates to deal damage. Enemies can pick teammates off, he can’t do anything.

Also he’s a stacking tool for enemies. Last time I played against a raid boss Phinn, I was Adagio, I just bought a dragon’s eye, and I was doing Tons of damage.

Okay, I believe you and @Guest_78 have mentioned this? I just disagree. He can’t do anything? Does his legendary talent remove him of his B or A abilities? Or his C? No… then he absolutely can do things. He can provide barrier and enemy repositioning with B to aid his allies. He can stun with a well placed A. He can hook to get enemies off his allies or to get them out of position to help allies in a team fight.

In addition, his legendary talent allows him to perhaps add a :vgitem_shatterglass: and :vgitem_clockwork: at the expense of one defense item due to how rapidly he regens health. Also, a smart Phinn in ARAL won’t fall victim to the trap of never dieing. If his allies or comfortable, he should ping and intentionally die once or twice to buff himself up.

I will not go as far to agree with @TheInterpreter that Phinn’s legendary is OP. It’s not. There are clearly more annoying talents to oppose. That said, it is an extremely advantageous talent, especially in ARAL, to a team that’s well coordinated. I won’t buy into the argument that Phinn “can’t do anything”.

Turrets can’t outdamage his healing, so if the enemy decides to not kill you you won’t die, which is what the opponents should had done. I didn’t say he can’t do anything though, I said that If the enemy doesn’t kill you, as you can’t die alone there will be a point where he will be so much behind in items he will lose.

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If you position yourself between the first and second, both can hit. Again, if he’s still with his 2k starting items, it can definitely get through his Regen. Apologies if I misrepresented your thoughts on the matter. I do think Phinn’s legendary talent is pretty strong and overall benefits his team in a setting like ARAL more than it hurts it. It’s certainly not the “dirtiest” or op.

Yeah basically what @Lebatron said is what I did. i was really careful not to let enemies stack hits on me. I only used myself as a buffer for enemy ranged abilities and always used my abilities in conjunction with my allies to maximize his effectiveness, and when it came to dying, i always made sure i had enough gold to buy a good 2 or 3 items before I died, so as to offset turrets not being able to kill me at full build.

I don’t think his talent is op in general. I even stated that in the beginning. I mean his talent is severely op when your team knows what it’s doing. If he never makes it to full build then there’s a lot more the enemy can do, but if he makes it to full and your team is intelligent enough to work with you, it becomes an unfair fight because he can pretty much barrier and heal them out of almost anything and if they know to fall back? Forget it.

I guess the point I was trying to make where it comes to why i feel his talent is op, it’s that if two intelligent teams are playing one another, the one with the phinn is almost guaranteed to win after a certain point. He can just harass them freely while buffing or healing his teamates, coupled with his teams inherent advantage when it comes to pushing.