The developers changed the name of vainglory

Thing is that it does look desperate. Marketing strategies that make you look desperate are fail. That’s the opposite of making VG “look more impressive”, even though it looks pretty good to me (given that I much prefer the 3vs3 camera angle).

Is that a reason to ridicule the decision? Well, it’s a dumb decision in a long row of dumb decisions. No matter how you look at it, it’s about time for them to get their marketing fiascos under control, and focus on quality control and user interaction.

How exactly does this make them look desperate?

They cannot focus purely on the ingame experience and ingame stuff, they also have to get people excited to try the game. You can have an awesome thing going, but if nobody tries it, then it won’t grow. That’s basically one of the main problems we have had in VG for a very long time.

That and newer games like Mobile Legends seemed to work out useful inclusions and merges in their UI much quicker than SEMC did. Probably because they are Asian based, and they view apps differently there. Not that SEMC could learn anything from this. Not that ML and possibly AoV are genuinely better than VG in any possible regard, or anything. -_-

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