The developers changed the name of vainglory

Imao it looks awful.

I think the icon alone would have been enough to signal 5v5. But I guess changing the name would alert those reading only text. Like if the game is featured in an article, it would read “Vainglory 5V5”, but there is no icon.

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Lol. Im surprised. After I downloaded the hotfix patch. The app name bcome Vainglory 5v5. Im laughed. I think the icon with 5v5 in it is enough. Is semc on edge or something? They r like pushing 5s map too hard


What it’s sound like in a commercial

It actually changed when the 3.0 update dropped, it was Vainglory 5v5 when I updated. Afterwards it went back to regular vg.

5s doesn’t make any sense… What do you mean by 5s… What is that supposed to stand for?

I think he means “5v5’s map” .

I know what he means… But that s behind 5v5 makes no sense… Not how he uses it nor how you use it…

5V5 is also a game mode. So when you say 5V5’s map, you are basically saying “the gamemode’s map”

That s doesn’t belong there nor does 5s make sense. I see what you are saying but linguistically it is just wrong…

English may not be their first language. Maybe tell them why you don’t believe it doesn’t fit there, or for what reason you disagree with their use of it. Maybe they’re trying to shorten ‘5v5’ by using 5s as in “5’s” because it’s two teams of five. I can’t say for sure, but this is a silly thing to go on about.

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Eh. My bad. its just my style to shorten it

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Bla bla,…

I’m sorry not really to do with anything but what’s ‘singlish’?

People from singapore who blend English and their own native language into one blur that cannot be understood.

Haha, I was expecting someone to mention Kindred Asunder.
Man, I guess I’m old.


Tbf, I don’t think they ever said that.

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I’m pretty sure they said it in a 5v5 Q and A. Could be w r o n g though

Come on guys. Lets not get into the cancerous crap from the old forums already.

A. VG looks like a smaller playerbase than the competitors, AoV and ML BB. Whether or not SEMC is greedy for money, they need to catch up, and make VG look more impressive. Especially if they want to attract PC gamers who might otherwise know VG for only having 3v3.

B. 3v3 is still the main game mode (until 5v5 ranked drops, anyway). The implication before was that they would back whatever game mode was more popular. They weren’t going to say they would drop 3v3 right away out of fear of scaring off any diehard 3v3 fans. Duh. We still have 3v3 for most things, it just happens that 5v5 is really popular.

If I didn’t want to think better, I would assume you guys are only trying to see the negative side of things. I’m putting it politely here, and I’ll probably still get labelled as a “white knight” for not SEMC bashing. Ffs.


fun events, the last two global goal events were lame, where’s easter, summer, NS taka event, or even crazy8? just change card to prints. also UI and guild