The Current State of Blackfeather

his b gives enemy chance to make a distance… it’s funny when he supposed to stick to his target to be effective.


Idk y yall are saying he can stick.
He was sticky when his A was the trail, the movement speed he has now is like 2 seconds of a boost and then to further stick onto the enemy, you have to use an ult charge.

His A no longer gives him enough to stick with. Maybe a MS duration increase?

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Quote: “giving him stats of a melee hero…”

If u r not referring assassins what am i to presume which "melee"class u r talking about?

With what u said, do u not actually recognize him as a bruiser?
O.K . , then what kind of sustained kit are u talking about. What sustain do u want on a non bruiser?

Sustain+melee=bruisers. Period.

And what sustain does he have in his kit. Lifesteal perhaps? Please, ELABORATE.

Dont get me started on how he is built normally. That is the flaw with 3v3 mode.
Assassins originally designed with a 5v5 mindset are introduced.
Heck, killing 1 carry in 3v3 is OP, assassins get nerfed a bit.

What they become are bruisers who have a lot of mobility. A kit that resembles that of an assassin, but a built for sustain because unlike assassins they cant really dish out the damage like they once did. This kind of balances them in the 3v3 mode. Because they cant dish out the burst now, they have to rely on sustain items like serpents mask and BP to get the work done.

THIS is precisely the time when he was built for sustain. Yes it was then. And he was OP.
BF happened to be just too strong even then and was nerfed to the ground. THE END.
Why? He had a slow and can stick onto u pretty easily with the rose trail. He can outsustain u now and had a very good ultimate.
He was literally a guaranteed pick across all the formats (not 5v5,we didnt get there.)

And now you shove him in the 5v5 arena and expect him to be just as strong after all those nerfs. Great!

Now you are left with an UP hero. He is an assassin who is forced out of his comfort zone to match the meta. He cant dish out the damage that he is supposed to as an assassins and is forced to build sustain.
And, alas, he is UP in 5v5 where enemy dive bombs him. I cant be more clear than this.
No i dont understand, which part of his kit dive in- kill- escape, which so clearly is intended in his abilities, is confusing u for him not to be an assassin.
As i said, a kit tells more about the hero. The kit defines what class the hero is. Literally just show this kit to an experienced MOBA player. He will undoubtedly suspect him of being an assassin.

And when i said single targeting heroes, u pronounced it of being a duelist . And in this recent post of yours, “duelist excel against everyone in 1v1…”.
Great actually. I was saying he is an assassin and u pick out a statement as a stand alone and prove it wrong without actually regarding the context in which it is mentioned. What did u think when i meant of a hero who is an assassin and i justified with him being a single target damage dealer???
Hell yes, i was comparing him to krul and likes of such heroes. Yes, I must have meant that he is reim 2.0. Definitely, it could not and cannot be perceived that i mentioned it against a class that assassins are supposed to counter . A class which they counter using their single target damage abilities. Nope it was too vague of a statement. Assassins only have aoe abilities. No single target abilities, none at all.

BF, was released and his dive in play style serves the purpose of an assassin. When u want him to play like a sustained bruiser u r basically asking for a really tanky damage dealer, who is pretty mobile. Just too mobile for a bruiser. Yes, a hero who can dive in sustain the hell out of the carry and come back alive. Yes very , very balanced.

I am saying this again. I have considered his kit and his mechanics. The no.s on his abilities maybe busted and UP, but as a hero, he is SUPPOSED to be played as an assassin. Not as a bruiser or melee or sustain or whatever u may think of him or call him.
So please, don’t mention his lackluster damage, cooldowns and all that.

His kit ( supposedly sustain oriented according to u) is meant and always has been that of an assassin. Dive in-burst -get out. The way he is built is flawed. Unintended and wrong. It was definitely a temporary solution and BF supposedly excelled during that stage. There was no other choice either. He had to be built like that to make him work. Couple his insane mobility (all of the three abilities aided for that) with sustain damage and good defense. That is the definition of OP. Too oppressive in 3v3. So the nerf and all.
But now that 5v5 has been introduced and with ppl getting used to the arena, his unbalanced kit is countered fairly easily.

Not saying he is amazingly mobile. But in 3v3 he is totally fine. In 5v5 he is not good with all the cc s that there is in the rise.

That is the very reason I ask for items. Heck u can introduce different items for the two game modes, which helps these kind of heroes. Changing the hero again and again until he is unplayable is not gonna take us any further.
We are just stuck in this vicious loop where the hero is balanced for either one of the game modes, not both of them.
Change the item tree instead for the different game modes, and at least try it out. Vision has worked out till now. That is a good sign that it is at least remotely possible.

Like i said, he is not in a good position right now. So arent any of the other assassins (exceptions!).

And thanks for those examples.
I have not followed much of competitive lately, is reza really that good with wp?
Not a fan though.

Melee =/= bruiser.

All his kit is about sustain, idk what you don’t undertsand about that.

I would love to see any Bf doing so. To enter you use the A, and to scape? Also, your only damage is that 150% weapon power on his A? Awesome assassin, an assassin that has 1 burst ability and the rest of his kit sustain oriented is a burst hero. Wow.


No, his kit is all about sustain, I don’t see where is the assassin part.

That’s funny, because they destroyed him due to him being op in 5v5, not 3v3.

Then you don’t play 3v3, he is a joke there. As I said, freelo.

Balancing a hero around items doesn’t usually end up well. Also, that would buff the other assassins, which aside of Taka who got deleted, are strong (maybe koshka not too much). Please, tell me an item that would make BF strong without breaking the other assassins.

The only ones up are BF and Taka lol. Koshka isn’t very strong though, but not up.

In NA it’s the only reza played.

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Time for closing? It goes nowhere and we are just repeating ourselves.
PD: see? I remember your name :slight_smile:


As a BF main I only have a couple of words because it’s either you take it or you don’t. Just buff his defense to be on par with bruisers and if not that then give his Ult resets as well or some form of barrier stacking with his B.

As an old BF main, bring back his slow

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Slow just feels redundant considering how many dashes he has. If the enemy is able to getaway, then they should be able to.

I would argue that every BF thread says the same three things repeatedly but as you are the OP, I’ll lock it.

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