The Current State of Blackfeather

If there is no buff to BF I will complain.

Hah, I knew that will brought up.

Buffs come to him… for his Talents. :^)

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Two can play that game (Aka me 2):tipping_hand_man:

Depending on how good the changes are will determine if I participate in this patch. Hopefully a buff to melee laners and bruisers

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I personally think melee laners need something like the new item, but just CC immunity while allowing them to move.

Combine that with Slumbering Husk, and I guess it will be someahat ok.

For Blackfeather specifically, I think just bringing his attack speed up to 136.3% should be fine.

It was nerfed because he chomped through things too quickly but was never reverted once other parts of him got nerfed I think.

Also, idk, giving him the stats of a melee hero would be a good idea. His stats are from ranged ones.

I do agree that BF is kinda UP right now. But i really do think most of the other WP bruisers and assassins are too.

I think they need special and dedicated item sets for both offence and defense. And a reasonable buff to BP for melee heroes.
The only TYPE of defensive items i can think of are those which reduce the amount of CC. Or rather the EFFECT of CC.
Yes, the primary item countering it was kinda nerfed but i am also of this opinion that RB (paired with a crucible on captain) was too OP, if u get the hang of it. Gauntlets, silences never mattered once.
Anyway, if there is such an item, somehow directed for the greater benefit for the aforementioned class of heroes, we can expect them to make a combeck.
As for damage items, i can only think of the BP buff.

Also, which part of his stats are from ranged heroes?
As an assassin, he is pretty good.

C’mon, he aint a bruiser. At least his weapon build is not. No, definitely not!
And for an assassin, he has pretty generous attack damage, and health stat.

He can work as WP (jungler), but still not optimal and CP is quite killed via nerfs + kit nerfs + items nerf.

Compare his stats with reza, you will see the difference. Also, he is not an assassin.

As an assassin he is pretty weak IMO


I would say the best comparison would be that to WP idris . And given blackfeathers abilities, his stats are more than justifiable.
He has an excecute, which gets activated on four stacks of basic attacks.
He has that barrier for that trickle of sustain. Apart from that he receives none.
He has two charges of one of the best escapes ingame.
He has two engage tools too.
His kit is very much directed for single target damaging. Its very obvious.
He is very mobile, and can easily stick on to enemies.
Low health, but high outplay potential.

Is he not an assassin? Is he NOT?

All these aspects are of assassins. Compare him to the assassins class and u will notice the similarities.
With reza, well, idk.
Reza’s kit is very different. His kit is also more of an assassin. The thing is he cannot be played as a wp carry efficiently.(in a stable meta, no tension bow-ing here.) He uses his abilities for short burst of damage. And he only has a fortified health on his ult for good defense. Couple that with his CP hungry builds, he kinda needs the armor and shield that there is.(also he is kinda OP right now).
And, WP assassins, in a stable meta must be innately more powerful that their cp counterparts.
I mean they use their basic attacks for gods sake, it got to be more powerful. So maybe there is compromise on their defensive stats.
I personally think the barrier coupled with short cool down and limitless (ok not limitless, but u get it) energy, he must not be given the stats of a melee. That is , well,too OP. Or maybe not exactly OP, but pretty strong given his mobility.

I am not saying he is in a good spot right now. What i am saying is that, u can only make so many changes to a hero to make him viable. Builds, for the most part, define the strengths and weaknesses of a hero more profoundly.

Blackfeather can definitely use a buff, but for once lets think the other way round.

Did I say he is in a good spot?
IMO, all assassins right now are either very situational or downright UP(trash).
EXCEPT anka. She is different. Unique…and annoying.

This patch doesnt actually favour many of the assassins. They get easily burst down anyway.

Reza is one step down from anka so idk why you just said anka is the best assassin

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5, and the execute damage is near to non existent.

A barrier that doesn’t even negate one AA in exchange of giving the enemy time enough to flee, forcing you one charge of your ult.

With very high cooldown and focus cost, it being his only mobility ability.

That’s called duelist, not assassin.

False, with only his ult as good mobility, he is the least sticky of the assassins, even some bruisers stick better than him.

True and false, no out play potential whatsoever, his high cooldowns and lack of mobility prevents that.


WP reza is in fact one of the strongest heroes of the update. In competetitive has completely outclassed CP reza, and in high elo ranked they are on par.


@Sandiha your turn.


BF has traditionally lacked fast and reliable enough damage to play like an Assassin. This has only become exceedingly true after his slow was removed (and the rest of his kit was gutted).

What BF needs to be an assassin IMO (and what I think should happen, obviously) is

  1. Bring back an actual WP Ratio for his execute. Maybe make it true damage.
  2. Increase the travel speed of his ultimate. Doubling it might not be enough. Currently he dies he gets blown up mid ult sometimes, or at the end of the ult if the game is more even. Reduce the tankiness of it if need be, give it back on overdrive.
  3. Slow on B, scales with WP.
  4. Give his B an alternative cast option mid ult. A snappy AOE slash mid ult which does the same damage but doesn’t offer a barrier or slow, just damage and a passive stack. Overdrive should increase the range slightly (keep it around the size of a Glaive C).

k, yah right. Add reza in there too. missed him!
Best assassins? Did it sound like that?
She is definitely good though.

You can literally pick Reza and Anka into every comp


(I was referring to his wp build, just in case. I have no opinions on his CP build)
You literally just pointed out the weakness of his kit.
I mean like

  1. Low damage
  2. Weak ult
  3. Mobility (Though i do think he is pretty good in that department, A and C are pretty good.)
  4. yada,yada,yada,etc.

The abilities define a hero, judging which we can put him/her/it under one of the categories. With his intended play style, and his kit, idk how do u even classify him as a bruiser.

Depending on the no.s on his kit, he maybe played differently but, it is the mechanics, the kit that define a heroes class, not the meta.

However, how does his kit NOT even remotely resemble that of an assassin’s to u?
Not gonna repeat, but if u r gonna consider how his kit plays out in the field as of now, then we are having the wrong discussion here. You can literally end it here.(Yep the title says current state of blackfeather and all, but i never considered the no.s when i said he is an assassin. This topic was split.)
But do tell me how does his kit feel that of a bruiser. Please do.

Mobile bruiser? Maybe, but comparing him to the class which is built to counter his own (most of the time.)?

And by “single target damaging” I rather emphasized on his inability to switch targets effectively.(Yah right, those 5 stacks. They should matter, as part of his kit and how it is intended to be)

And who are duelists? What do u mean by that. Are assassins not duelists, countering one class in 1v1 situations effectively (the opportunity for which they must grab, obvi)
Or do u mean that of the likes of krul and reim? I consider them effective duelists.

Coming to his ult, u r emphasizing only on one part of its attributes.
Long cooldown, high focus cost? Yes. Weak.
Two charges and immunity to movement imparing effects? Yes. WEAK? Hell no.
Do other assassins have effective mobility with all the CC there is? NO.
So yes, he is pretty mobile and yes he can stick on to the squishies long enough to kill em in favorable situations.

And about the focus cost, he is supposed to regain them effectively without items . Is he not? I never encountered that as a problem so idk where u r coming up with that.

Am i saying he is in a good spot. NO NO, definitely not. Should he be buffed ? I have no objections.
I just think introduction of new special items is gonna help the class as a whole. Which is pretty UP as of now.
(Pleas dont point out exceptions.)

But do i think his kit needs to be changed, or his stats to be altered, no not by a big margin. I look at him as an assassin, and he has a nice kit for that. But as of now is that kit powerful? NO! He may need some changes in no.s but thats it.

About reza, did u even read the post? I did mention, that i am not considering his wp build in this patch.(U know all the stable meta…tension bow…was it not obvious?).
He is not intended to be a wp carry or anything. He is not supposed to be really that powerful. As of now his power lies in the tension bow proc which has held up despite the nerfs.
Anyway, yes reza (and anka) are very powerful. I literally pronounced that guy OP didnt I?

And please when you are giving counter arguments mentioning or comparing other heroes, give examples. Its hard to scan through the roster in my head. Like for your 5th point.

I don’t classify him as a bruiser, don’t know where did you take it from.

Assassins are burst oriented heroes that kill squishy targets, his kit is sustain based. Even when he was op, he never played as an assassin.

Never said that, again idk where you took that from, but I would like you to stop putting words I haven’t said in my mouth thanks.

Assassins excel against squishy targets, duelist excel against everyone in 1v1.

Yes as he must use it to stick to his target. Do you know how he was beaten in competitive? Making him waste his ult. it’s too easy to just force it, every mobile hero can just kite him. The high cost of it makes it to punish him.


Don’t agree. Honestly, IMO fighting a BF is freelo. Too easy to kite and mediocre damage.

Actually, reza no longer buys TB in most cases.

Assassins that stick better: all.
Bruisers that stick better: Inara, Kensei, Lance, Alpha, Baptiste, Ozo.