The changes to Dragon's Eye sucks and here is why

Firstly, nobody will ever clump up unless they are attack Blackclaw at the choke point turret so that you can get the stacks. Secondly and lastly, you get stacks each second you are damaging an enemy hero. If you are Ringo, SAW, Baron CP and Celeste you won’t get that many stacks since even you fire so many basic attacks like SAW and Ringo in a second you won’t get that many stacks and each stack doesn’t give that much of a CP increase while it has 18 stacks which translates into 18s of accumulating stacks. You will take forever to get the stacks. My change for the item will be just reverting the Dragon’s Eye back to when it’s first release but keeping the stack losing speed it has now

Was it op on release? If so is that why it got changed in the first place?

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I personally like the change because it encourages players to try using other items than dragon’s eye all the time. I can tell you now that frostburn is great for kiting and soellfire makes it possible to deal with Ozo as a CP mage.

@Skieblu that is the exact reason why I just lost a ranked match today with an ozo that just refuses to build dragons eye.

The only ranked match I see in your ranked history with a lost Ozo was 2 days ago, and I think the main reason as to why the Ozo didn’t do too well was because he was up against a Reim. Reim can easily sustain as well as Ozo can while also being able to root him and make him unable to use his abilities.

Regardless, the fact that he didn’t pick up dragon’s eye doesn’t mean that the change was bad. Although I do agree with you that dragon’s eye would work better with Ozo now than it did before, it doesn’t mean everyone will know about this and/or do it.

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The change is nice, not everyone has to build dragons eye. Cp saw never built DE , cp Ringo didn’t build DE cause SG was better on him. Now only those heroes who stay in fights will build DE rather than every cp hero and it helps to diversify builds and not make an item must build like BM

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The time to lose stack was too fast so they changed it but they also made it harder to accummulate satcks but now it’s too long since it has 18 stacks not 12

Why did you migrate to the new forum?
We don’t want this to be a place full of complaints.

You are not a dev nor a designer. You need to deal with the buff they gave to DE.

If you can’t utilize the buff that is your problem not ours.

Discussion is very welcome. If I want to hear complaints I would become an employee at a callcentre

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That specific match somehow wasn’t recorded to my stats, neither was anything else played around that time - probably an error in the API.
I’m not saying that the change is bad, as I have not seen enough of it, however, dragons eye on Ozo has been a standard for many patches now.

Dragons eye was a required item on every ranged carry, and still is…