The Case For Rotating. Esclusive Skin Availability Events

So I’ve been thinking of a system for exclusive hero availability that I saw in a game called Fantasy War Tactics and I think it could apply to hero skins in Vainglory.

So the gist is some heroes are exclusive, but there was a mode where you can still get heroes that were unavailable any other way during certain times of the week/month, with a rotating schedule on which heroes were available, with the catch that you had to complete some trials as well as other things to acess the hero.

I think that idea can fit with skins you can’t buy anymore. I don’t think semc should make them available for direct purchase or anything like that, but I do think a buy in mode where you can pay ice to complete some kind of task for a chance of getting the blueprint for non-purchaseable skins on a rotating schedule, maybe monthly or every season, would be something I would support. The fact that it’s only a chance and you still have to pay ice would make it a bit fairer to the people that struggled for the skin during the time period it was available. Also this wouldn’t apply to certain event skins like maybe that da11vd reza skin.