"The bounty" Silvernail lore

He stood there, counting the gold coins he had gotten from his previous bounty. The gold light gleaming on his eyes giving him a slight smirk. He then begins to walk and enter the bar. He sits on the rotten wood of a chair,“What well it be” exclaims the bartender, “The usual”, “if it aint the legend himself”, “Oh hey fernie” Silvernail replied. As they talk Silvernail notices a wanted poster on the side. “Hmmm” Silvernail thinks to himself, “what” fernie asked. Silvernail gets up and walks to the poster, with a quick movement he rips the wanted poster from the wall and looks at. Studying it Fernie walks up to him and looks at the poster too. “20,000 doesnt seem that bad as a reward huh” he exclaimed. “It sure doesn’t” Silvernail replied. “You know anything about this?” He asked, “All i know is that hes a sly fox who killed his own master or something and then continued to kill the master that brainwashed him”, “oh yeah” replied Silvernail. “Maybe ill take the job offer” he said, “Careful Silver, rumor has it that he made friends with some cowgirl named uhhhh Gwendolyn, gwenevere? I dont know all i know is she is a pretty damn good killer” Fernie exclaimed. “A mental fox and a cold cowgirl killer? I took down two bloodsuckers and a netherwolf on my biggest day, thisll be easy” said the bounty. Silvernail stood up and begin to walk, “Be careful, these two arent your ordinary victims” said Fernie. “ill blow em up from the inside” Silvernail exclaimed as he set out to kill his target.

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