The Biggest Casualty Of Deleting The Oldforum

Nobody knows how to play anymore (small exaggeration). I made a post a while back on how even if the playerbase is smaller, that small playerbase should still be getting better over time. It’s not happening, and I think it’s mainly because of misinformation. I know it’s crying over spilled milk but it really is ridiculous how bad the skill level of the playerbase has become. I can’t remember the last time I lost a game from being genuinely outplayed, and not because someone on my team was just doing something that should be obviously called out as bad play. Just saying, and I know it’s a broken record, but Vainglory is down in the tubes, and I say this now specifically because it doesn’t seem as yet that Rogue has any plans to make any drastic changes. Their devs are supposedly responding now on reddit (and already making mistakes with the free to play), and since they’ve yet to put out a plan of changing any of the crucial issues that plague the game (seems they are just focused on putting more content out and maintaining revenue at the moment), I think it’s safe to say vainglory truly is a zombie game, where most regions are concerned.

I know some regions are still doing well but it definitely seems like most of the english speaking regions are in the dumps. Wondering if anyone has seen any kind of information anywhere about Rogue addressing things like throwing, imbalanced matchmaking, updated player guides, etc.

I don’t think the closure of the official forums has anything to do with the average skill level of the current player base. Even at peak Vainglory in 2016-17, only a tiny fraction of the player base ever visited the forums.

The problem is simply that there aren’t many people playing the game these days.


I guess I just don’t understand how even if a smaller number of people play nowadays, how are they not improving? I know it’s not an objective thing to say but I get matched with the same people sometimes and they make the same mistakes over and over. Tell them something and its ‘boo you suck’ even though they’re the one with 7 deaths. That’s not even getting into the horribly mismatched matchmaker when there are clearly people of similar rank and skill on playing because next game I get a good team or the enemy team is playing perfectly fine and not doing what my team is so what gives?

I was gonna put this in saltmine myself but I changed it because I really want to know if there’s been any posts anywhere about Rogue addressing anything regarding trolling/dodging/throwing and the matchmaker. I haven’t seen anything as of yet so I only assume nothing at this point.

I had the same experience as you are having, which led to me leaving the game altogether, as it just wasn’t fun any more. My personal belief is that the vast majority of serious players have moved on to other games.

Sigh…been holding off on this for along time but I think I might as well invest in a new laptop and move on to LoL until Wild Rift comes to the Americas, and it’s a shame because mobile gaming is so convenient, but I don’t want to move to a dumbed down moba and vg’s experience just consistently sucks…like every day, and it’s not the game by itself it’s the players, hate to offend but it’s true.

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