Thank you for unlocked camera semc

I’m soooooo glad they finally added this feature, I despise having my camera locked in any moba, and using that weird panning camera crap or whatever before felt uncomfortable cuz then it was still locked on my and not centered. So glad they added this so now it’ll be easier to do things like a baron ult or whatever and I don’t have to keep one finger on the map. Haven’t played any actual matches yet just bots on 5v5 but it felt so good having free cam, anyone else liking it as much as I do?:grin:


I didn’t know they had done this till today. I am VERY excited for this as it was a painpoint nearly since the beginning of the game.

I’m still trying to get used to using free camera, do you happen to have any advice? Like should I turn it off during a teamfight or when I’m rotating?

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I find it useful during farming phase to look out for ganks especially for ranged heroes, otherwise i always have it off for now since i’m not used to it at all.

Mainly just always know where you actually are. If you’re not used to it it’ll definitely take time though.

In the small number of 5v5 games I’ve played, I find it best to turn it on whenever I’m travelling long distances, usually after recalling to base so I can freely tap my destination, or when I need to take a look at my surroundings, either in the jungle or when in lane. Definitely turn it off during teamfights, unless you’re fine with it, or eventually get used to it otherwise. Personally I toggle it a lot all throughout the match, depending on my needs

I like it too ^^ It’s pretty much necessary for a larger map. I used the minimap panning a lot in 3v3, and it’s mostly worked well cause the Halcyon Fold is much smaller and there’s much less area that you need to pay attention to, unlike in the 5v5 map

I saw some league pro players always keeping the camera unlocked, so I tried to play an entire game without ever locking it.
It didn’t matter that much during the farming phase, it actually helped a bit since I was in the bot lane, and I saw the enemy Glaive coming to gank me who would’ve not been on the screen otherwise.
During teamfights tho it’s kinda really hard to kite while moving the camera at the same time, and I would definitely have it locked from now on.
It’s really helpful for using celeste’s or Baron’s or kestrel’s ult, and also for using teleport boots. (I never knew you could teleport to scout cams op)

Basically the main use for camera lock unlock is easier panning for map awareness. Sometimes you want to see a bit ahead of what you actually vision range can be for a tad bit more accuracy in landing shots. So this is advantageous in global Ults, or tracking multiple enemies/allies at once