Thank you for idiot proofing the Magnus event!

As soon as the patch went live for 3.9 I purchased Magnus with the ICE I had saved up ASAP from logging in over time. I then saw the event after the fact to get him at 25% off and I was a little upset but also understanding it was my own fault.

I then contacted support and asked if there was any way to get a discount or some ice back for my rushed mistake and they told me some automated drivel about once you press confirm there is no refund, etc.

I went to move on and just say Magnus is still super cool so its not the end of the world, let me finish the event! To my surprise when I completed the event I not only got the talent coins but they also gave me the difference in ICE it would have saved if I would have waited. I know this is something small but I feel like most games don’t do stuff like that or have it built into the system to take care of you. So thanks!


now if only fallout 76 could do the same for the people who bought it full price


Clearly they have hired someone with higher intellect. I cannot imagine this “idiot-proofing” technology to be available in the arsenal of SEMC two or three months ago. The capped chests as well with guaranteed pulls. I’m actually impressed. The EA gods have compensated us for our sacrifice of Niv and PoB.


Yeah they have been doing this for a while everytime they give discounts for new heroes. Except that you get the ICE “refunded” regardless on however way you get these new heroes. I get all my new heroes from rare, epic and gold chests i save up every update. So i get some free ICE “refunded” to me when i get new heroes from chests.


Don’t tell them baka, let the exploit live on.