Terror in Demacia [Fiddlesticks rework]



Some rumors talk about a new hero…

Fun fact: the video last only 1:20 minutes, but due to my awesome WiFi I needed around 20 minutes to see the whole video :crazy_face:

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That’s the reworked Fiddle … terrifying :scream:


Omg this sent chills down my back. Fiddle copying the voice of the dead friend… Im having the same hype as when Alpha Tier 1 was released


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I love me a good horror movie, so having a hero based off of a entity thats something horrific and terrifying, is just so awesome for it to be in a moba.

Sorry but why he needs a rework in the first place?

The old model was very outdated and just looked old and cheap with the animations. Along with his weak kit which was powercrept by stronger and newer support heros.

It really just means to take a old hero with a old kit and make it into something that can go toe on toe with the newer heros imo.

He still hasn’t been released yet so we can do a comparison of his old to new skin models but heres a look at his splashart revamp


Gives me chills, great rework and video trailer!

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Looks fun to play tbh, i may buy him ig

So my daughter watched the video yesterday … her reaction:

“He’s scary. I don’t like it. I want the derpy stick back.”

Did I mention that my daughter is hilarious? :rofl:


I was waiting for this to be posted just for you.

Nuff said

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This is actually creepy. I didn’t expect a moba game to have this creepy theme lol. I was expecting something like Baptiste but this is good

Pretty terrifying! I think I preferred the old Fiddlestick