Tension Bow

This item is either the best weapon item in the game or the worst one, when buffed you get a shit ton of damage for very cheap and when nerfed its a waste of gold and item slot. A rework is needed.

Not really, it does its job well. Burst

And even looking back, I highly doubt it will ever get a change. But nerfs and buffs do change it as a item by alot.

its the worst item in the game

No Aftershock is the worst item in the game…
Tb goes from stupidly op to waste of a slot in 10 min time…

AS the worst item? Lol, reza doesnt agree, and Alpha, Taka, and almost any CP bruiser.

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I think he means that it’s “bad” in the same way he talked about tb. Buff it and it’s op, nerf it and it doesn’t really matter because it synergieses well with almost every hero so it’ll still be a part of most cp bruiser builds. Tb on the other hand is either built by everyone when buffed or absolutely forgotten when nerfed.

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But that doesnt make It the worst item, in fact It makes It one of the best items.

AS is arguably the most gold efficient item in the game. Its damage scales with health so it is valuable from the moment you buy to end game. At 2400 gold it is cheap. It punishes high health builds so it’s effective against Roams. It provides cooldown, energy regeneration, and health.


Yeah the damage is finally somewhat balanced and its still a great item, aftershock on reza and malene is still digusting.

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There is no solution for that: specially reza, any other build is shit, so for him to be meta he needs to abuse AS thanks to having horrible CP scaling un his abilities (unlike Anka).

If you build AS on Reza still you’re doing something wrong. He’s better off going SF first even if there is no one needed to be mortal wounded.

IMO it din’t deserve the nerf. it went from 240 damage to 210. they got 30 points of damage to balance.

they could’ve went 235, 230, 225, 220, 215… it’s such a wide range to balance. why did they settle on 210?

Ive made use of tension bow, but the window of it being useful shuts pretty damn fast. and you’re left with something you need to sell… putting you behind.

TB fills up a slot where if you are massively ahead and want to keep that lead then you buy it. Sadly its only good on utility junglers like Churn who decided to build two weapon blades. I think they should make it so if you get a kill/assist then it procs again and also decrease the damage if that happens so it really is a burst item that isn’t good late game. It’s also due time we get the WP tree rework next season.

I didn’t mean that I thought as is a bad item lol, I was just trying to explain why I thought he meant :slight_smile:

someone here asked nivmett what is the overrated item ? he said it was tension bow before the nerfing patch , so i think he wanted to make it situational item again , ignoring it doesnt mean it isnt situational item , maybe because they nerfed the early game , tension bow fall down with the early game .

@Guest_78 @Bayou

What I mean is Aftershock is the worst item because it offers way too much. It is bad for the game. The damage is great and scales which is horrible.

Tb is a flat damage item with minimal piercing.
They should buff it’s piercing to scale with weapon power. 10% per 100 WP or something like that. Not weapon damage but weapon power.

Aftershock is the worst item because it is stupidly OP not because it is weak lmao

TB’s passive burst should scale with WP (5-10% as bonus damage), while the flat burst should decrease. That would make it less aggressive in early-game AND make it a valuable purchase late-game.
Or just lessons the flat burst, and make it deal true damage (no +WP stat, Armor Pierce increases).

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In 5v5, but i mostly play 3v3, and there AS>SF. Also, im yet to see a reza without AS. Maybe im doing something wrong, bu i still have a 90.3% win Rate in VG, so i dont think its that bad. AS also gives you a strong presence against melee heroes that otherwise would leave you useless.