Tension bow

Is it worth building tb on wp carries like idris and Gwen after the buff? Armor changes+ Bp changes will hit like a truck mid game but will it still be relevant late game where 2-3 wrong teamfights will change the game.

It has a rather big wp burst so it works great on poke heroes or burst heroes like glaive.

Tb into BP is also a valid build.

I haven’t used it on Idris in a while but I can confirm it’s viable for Gwen right now. Combined her perk she has insane burst every few seconds. My usual build is TB/SS/TMx2/Def/Boots. One of my favorite laners at the moment.

Try it on Ringo and grumpjaw.
When I was laning as ringo against an over aggressive Sam today, I made it sure that I never procd my TB on him, I just kept csing with it and got him to like 25% health while he kept overextending to use his A and had me at like 10% health.
The next him he did that, I just rushed at him with my B and two autos he was dead.

And grumpjaw will basically two shot heroes like Skye, Ringo, vox, Celeste in the early game, with just a TB

On a side note, Grumpjaw with TB and Aftershock is a pain.

Tension Bow is pretty good right now, and some normal carries are building it.

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A little late for this discussion, buddy lol