Tension Bow vs Stormcrown

Heres the deal, I feel like stormcrown is the new tension bow.

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To elaborate, SC does a stupid amount of damage (750) at lvl 12 EVERY 6 SECONDS vs TB which does 50 (+100%WP) every 6 seconds. Honestly, id rather have the guaranteed 750dmg which they cant do anything about #truedamageproblems than deal with partial armor piercing.

Like id put this instead of TB on a WP build. (CP, Hybrid, and Cap too)

Did you forget about the 20% effectiveness against heroes and structures? That turns your guaranteed 750 into an unimpressive 150.


…I have brought shame to myself and my family I will now commit seppuku.

No seriously I totally forgot about that part :L i guess i got distracted by how hard Idris was hitting and i assumed it was thanks to the stormcrowns burst

RIP my dreams


Not even 20 percent. More like 10 lol.


Was this changed? It says 20 percent in-game.

It was nerfed to 10, and then reverted back to 20

Well I know you made a mistake here but on this topic: I feel like the new TB is more of a nerf than a buff. Hear me out.

Maybe I just haven’t figured it out properly yet, but as a Gwen main, I don’t feel I’m hitting as hard as I used to be. I mean, sure, it scales a lot better in the late game, but I know I can’t pick it up first and deal 500+ damage at lv2 anymore. For me, that’s always been Gwen’s powerspike to work around, and without it she seems a little underpowered.

As I said, maybe I just haven’t adjusted yet, but those are my thoughts on it.

Gwen doesn’t have as much early game presence now that Tension Bow scales and is more expensive, but she also doesn’t fall off as badly now, again due to the scaling.


That’s exactly my point. I really liked being able to snowball with her, and now I can’t do it so well. I think I preferred the early game presence to scaling.

In 3v3 SC is OP, you can kill the miner with 2 hits with SC, so to steal the miner and the treant those objects are just impossible to counter.

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