Teleport boots

Anyone else see that teleport boots have the highest win rate of all the items?

Dude!!! Shhhhhhhh!!!


Well maybe because they are finish tool haha. That’s what they’re supposed to do.

You’re going off of this data, right?

Just posted in another thread that it’s probably, like Bobmax said, because they’re used to secure wins in a winning situation. Also, it seems like that data is only end-of-game builds, so it’s even more weighted to items designed to finish games.

But that said, are you guys actually using them at all? I haven’t built them on anything but dedicated split-pushers like SAW and sometimes Joule. Anyone else and it seems like I’m better off making smart rotations and using the gold for other items.

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also, its because most of the time people build them when the their team is making the final push for the vain and they just respawned.
thats the only time i see them used

High mobility heroes like gwen don’t need the boot active and can thus buy Teleport boots.

May i also say that it’s an EXCELLENT escape tool? You can’t cancel the process when it’s started

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It is also a great backdoor tool