Teleport boots are pointless

So basically some boots without the classic active to sprint that has a longer cool down than the tier 1 boots and are really expensive. No wonder why almost no one uses them. I suggest either a lower price or a lower cooldown so the teleportations occur more often; instead of some ranmdom t4 in the middle of the battlefield because he bought wrong boots, a player who left a minion wave/camera teleports near an enemy turret to push it in no time and taking advantage of the instantaneous movement. Just a suggestion :^)

I would buff the armour/shield instead of the cooldown/price/move speed bonus. That way they will be a lot more viable while keeping their special effect as intended. You will still be limited to “you can’t run option” , you still will die fast if the enemy catch you, but you will also have a lot more reason to buy them than just to teleport and finish the game.

Nah, they’re just situational. I wouldn’t disagree with a +0.1 base movement speed buff tho.

Search Idmonfish and teleport boots.
They are already very strong…

It depends on the character. There are only few characters who can do well without the movement speed boost from other boots. I think Gwen and Baron can do well without them

I don’t think it’s meant to be built as a main item. You switch to it later in the game, to switch places very quickly or vain dive. If they had a quick cooldown they would be too good.

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It’s a core item on Grumpjaw…

Ulting + teleporting back to base is disgusting