"Technical Issue"

Just so you know SEMC:
Anytime i rate a game 1 star and select “technical issue”… it is MOSTLY bad Match making.

if i select “team frustration”… guess what? also BAD match making.

if i select “trolling behavior”… again… it’s BAD match making.

Heck… even when i select “other”… it is also Bad match making.

I can’t really blame players for trying right? it’s not their fault for “unskilled play”.

Sorry SEMC, I just have to blame MatchMaker. it is the only programmable factor that has a tangible hope of being improved. Players will be players. good or bad, they are just playing the game.

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I dont like how you cant rate the match as in “my team sucked” or something like that lol. Picking “the enemy team is too strong” makes me feel like i was the one who sucked and im salty which im not

I remember once when they released 5v5 the MM was fine but then they said on twitter we’re going to make MM a little bit faster and ever since then they have not been able to fix it.

I don’t get why we have to get paired with new players. They should make it so there is a level 15> queue and a >15 queue. If a player who is higher than level 15 selects the <15 queue then they get automatic LPQ after the match. If a player who is less than level 15 clicks the >15 queue then they’re gonna either have to wait a long time or get smashed by higher tier players who are looking to have fun. Obviously no punishment because it is a new player just learning somethings about the game.

People who play casuals will also not be affected because they should have expected it lol. I have yet to see a casual match where there are two teams of vainglorious players.

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