Tbh...I Need Someone From The Community's Help With Videos

Not sure where to post this but I need someone willing to sit through and edit videos of awesome off-meta gameplay for me. I constantly get great matches showing off-meta hero and build play but I suck at editing. Possibly willing to pay! Almost definitely though tbh you might have to take a couple rain checks here and there. Mostly looking for someone who has the same interests and is willing to do it on their own time with the possible advantage of pay later! I won’t beat around the bush.

Anyway if this interests you and you would be down hit me up and I’ll provide samples. Wins, losses; there are no punches pulled here. It’s just great off-meta play. I’ll do the best I can with recording and I just want someone to pick the clips and do whatever edits feel proper for the general audience, however I don’t mind some profane things on the comedic side. Being as blunt as possible.

Hopefully I can find some talent as eager to show off beast off-meta or non-pro builds that can really wreck.