Tales From the Future, A Vainglory Short Story

TL:DR I made a short story based on the children of some of your favourite Vainglory heroes! Check it out here. Minor swearing warning, and a little bit of gore at the end :wink:

Hi everyone,

My name is Alex, better known as Thelegitimatewin. I’ve been playing VG for close to 5 years now, ever since the Taka Update in 2015. The moment I started it I fell in love, and to channel that excitement I began writing on the VG forums back in early 2016. It has been a wild half a decade with this game and through the ups and downs I have made a load of friends I still keep in touch with today.

I actually began working on this short novel in 2017, but for various reasons (writer’s block, busy schedules etc.) I never got to finish it. As I was looking through my past works, I noticed this story was left incomplete, so as a little holiday challenge I thought that I would finish it! Its a little different to my existing thread on the old forums, but I figured if I was going to do this seriously I’d put in 100% effort. The story is pretty loosely tied to the lore as there are some deviations for the sake of storytelling, but honestly you don’t need to read the lore to understand most of it. The story follows 6 young travellers in a village in Trostan, trying to find their parents and uncovering a lurking evil beneath. It’s mostly action-mystery based, with some light humour, drama and romance on the side.

It’s a shame that Vainglory isn’t getting updates anymore, and because of that my commitment to the game has waxed and waned this past year. I’d say that this is my last gift to the community, one last story that I poured my heart and soul into. This has been the biggest piece of literature I’ve created, and I spent many sleepless nights rewriting the plot and the characters hoping that it might just hit the mark.

To all of the Vainglorious fan lore writers who helped me to get to the level I am today, I sincerely appreciate your support. I have grown tremendously thanks to your investment in my budding skills as a writer. I hope this piece makes you proud :slight_smile: I want to give a special shoutout to NetherResonant, ParagonPrime, Scarviote, Hathberg and BulletsawCG (Tutxyis) for being such great inspirations to VG fan lore, and to my writing in general. Dunno if they’ll ever read this, but I miss you guys :’)

Merry Christmas Everyone! Stay safe, and never settle for the lesser evil.

-Alex (Thelegitimatewin)