Talents, they ain't that special

So I and my schoolmate CallistoCastillo (his IGN not his real name of course) have been working on a project called Aptitudes which essentially Talents for normal modes that are only usable when you unlock it mid match by doing assignments (this one I posted in the past). While doing our project we have realised one thing: the Talents aren’t special at all compared to our work. Take an example: Adagio. Here are my Aptitudes for him:
+Pact of Life and Death: Gift of Fire (A) and Avenging Wrath (B) will apply a 10% as effective version of each other.

+Renewal Fire: Arcane Fire (Perk) will heal him for 7.5% of the damage dealt burning enemy heroes

+Verse of Destruction: Verse of Judgement (Ult) deals 30% more damage and now stuns all enemies caught in for 1s it no matter if they are being burned with Arcane Fire or not but it takes longer for him to channel. Burning enemies will be stunned 1s longer. 1s longer channelling time.

Don’t know what you feel like but mine are definately more creative than what the devs have already put in the game.
Here’s another one: Grumpjaw:
+Enraged: Everytime Grumpjaw has run out of his Living Armor (Perk) stacks, he’ll get 0.2m/s speed increase and 30% attack speed increase for 4s. This can only occur once every 10s. 50% less overall damage reduction per stack.

+Serated Teeth: Hangry (B) basic attacks will apply Mortal Wound effect. 110% cooldown.

+Acidic Digestion: While inside Grumpjaw’s belly, the target will take 25% of the true damage of Stuffed (Ult) over its duration. Only deals 75% damage on impact.

Just leave your thoughts down below about this. Btw, this is also a leak of my project-Aptitudes.


I think it would be interesting to unlock talents for certain heroes based on completing certain objectives in the game. Maybe have them effective for a certain time like a buff. These are interesting ideas, especially the Grumpjaw ones.

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I like the idea as well. I also like the idea of time-limited buffs much better than the way Talents work.

Talents really were a terrible mistake.


Actually, here’s how I’ll work with Talents:
The Rare one is unlockable at level 6, Epic 9 and Legendary 12. You must unlock them via assignments first and these will only give you the effect, no damage changes. Of course there will be exceptions and modifications to them.

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i 10000000% support this idea, especially since talents were pretty poop when they arrived

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I actually really like this system. If the talents we have now were more realistically balanced, it’d be a great addition to normal modes.

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