Talents rework concept

Since talents will never be removed and there will never be a non-talents mode, the next best thing to make brawl modes fun and fair again is to give talents a major overhaul and balancing. So without further ado, heres a rework concept that brings talents closer to that.

  1. Simplify the max levels of R/E/L to 5 levels. Same talent coins and glory to upgrade, same stats. Lv 20 rare stats = Lv 5 rare reworked stats.

2a. Using a higher level talent reduces starting gold.
No talent: -0% starting gold
Lv 1 talent: -10% starting gold
Lv 2 talent: -20% starting gold
Lv 3 talent: -30% starting gold
Lv 4 talent: -40% starting gold
Lv 5 talent: -50% starting gold


2b. Using a higher level talent reduces gold trickle.
No talent: 100% gold trickle
Lv 1 talent: 85% gold trickle
Lv 2 talent: 70% gold trickle
Lv 3 talent: 55% gold trickle
Lv 4 talent: 40% gold trickle
Lv 5 talent: 25% gold trickle

  1. Balance the talents pls. Also fix idris rare 100% WR ranged attacks. Also remove taka and kestrel’s lowered cp in blitz.

  2. Higher level talents give better attributes AND more drawbacks. For example with ardan’s rare:
    Lv 1: 50% barrier, 50% damage, 50% cooldown
    Lv 2: 100% barrier, 75% damage, 75% cooldown
    Lv 3: 150% barrier, 100% damage, 100% cooldown
    Lv 4: 200% barrier, 125% damage, 125% cooldown
    Lv 5: 250% barrier, 150% damage, 150% cooldown

  3. Different level talents can have different attributes instead of stat changes. For example skaarf’s rare:
    Lv 1: 3 fireballs in a wide cone, 75% damage
    Lv 2: 3 fireballs in a straight line, 75% damage
    Lv 3: 3 fireballs in a narrower cone, 75% damage
    Lv 4: 3 fireballs fired side by side, 75% damage
    Lv 5: 5 fireballs in a wide cone, 75% damage

  4. Players are allowed to select the level of their talent during talents selection.

Oh yeah one more thing
7. Remove rank points for blitz.

So basically this rework increases the variety of talents with each talent having 5 different properties instead of 20 levels doing the same thing with 2% stat increases each level. Using higher level talents still generally give you better stats and properties, but thats balanced by having less gold. Players who dont want to use talents will not have such a big disadvantage as they can gain more gold than talent users.


Isn’t that the same as having 15 talents, especially if all of the levels have different attributes?

ye basically


Talents will never be balanced :slight_smile:


Some form of balancing is better than no form of balancing


I think removing blitz elo is the most important thing it’s a brawl mode ffs its supposed to be casual and fun not try hard and cancer. If blitz elo was to be removed you would see way less people spamming broken talents 24/7


Took a while to digest all that, but i think you managed to balance talents, maybe

Blitz is still a highly skilled arena and I personally wouldn’t even care what level of talents i select, if there are different attributes, eventually I will find which level is best.

But the main reason why I don’t think it will work, isn’t from a balance perspective, but from financial. They’re already so deep into the talents system, with each level costing a gradual amount glory, increased from the previous level.

This would make each level of the rare and epic cost quite high and reduce the chance of players leveling up. since they can select, they just wont select and keep at level 1.

Thus SEMC loses the “lust” factor in the talents system. There would be no incentive to level up.
I think SEMC expect all players to eventually all reach MAX level, thus we all be playing at MAX, but we all know that aint happening anytime soon.

I kinda like the rank points in blitz as it is a way to keep whales and non whales separate. The blitz rank points don’t give you anything except a way to try and keep matches a little more fair


At the same time though, it doesn’t entirely prevent it. People buying 300 epic Ardan talents from the deal chest can still have >1000 blitz rank and be matched with f2p new players. Either way we’d have problems. Removing Blitz rank would make it back to the more casual, less competitive mode it was meant and used to be.

You are right they will at first but let’s say the guy keeps winning the elo will increase. Or maybe someone’s insta lock skills are better

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this can get fixed though. unlocking the level 5 talent could also unlock some other content, like: blueprints, skins, voice lines, taunts, stuff to show in the loading screen, etc…
this would also justify the prices (allthough they could just be adjusted later on).

i would also like to see direct ice prices on the levels. they might not make as much money on the short term, but they would gain quite bit of trust back and very likely more players. more players automatically lead to more money and better matches.

All modes and a separate hidden MMR. Blitz points just makes it visible… and also a reason for people to tryhard in a casual mode.

Though all of your ideas are quite intriguing and not half bad, blitz mode was intended yes for a nice fun casual kind of match, but also a competitive mode as well. Nowadays players are seeing multiple quests for playing and winning blitz matches. And, come on, if it was just as bland as a normal casual match, then what’s the real point of the whole blitz mode? I know there’s a 5 minute timer, but the basicness would just be boring. You do know they are constantly making changes to the talents by balancing them out, right?

Though your whole idea of changes max levels of every variety of talent is quite impressive, I must, in my own opinion, decline that idea, for it ruins the original purpose of the talents. They were meant to create unique ways of combat by mixing up the damage, defense, and utility stats of the characters. Not having the effect of a talent change with each level. And allowing the players to pick the level of talent they go into battle with, that just defeats the whole purpose of leveling up talents. And I and probably thousands of Vainglory players would take it into consideration as displeasing that their gold generation and or starting gold be reduced by talent levels, when those levels were in fact meant to be EARNED by the players. Giving talents a negativeness of gold depriving is just inhumane.

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those bance changes are a joke.

look at what they did to the irdris rare. they made a 180° with it. that sure is hurting for anyone who took the time to level the talent up.

in the end, changing the talents is not “inhumane” nor will it cost semc players. if done right, it might add all those things to the talents, you claim they are AND get some of the players back who stopped playing with the current talents.
i also earned all my heroes, but that doesnt mean that semc cant rework them in a way i dont like.

what is unique about the talents? they are merely a “more of x” kinda thing, where x is damage in almost all cases. if all talents were less like ardans epic and more like churns legendary, you would have a point. and why cant @Gatorrex idea do the same?

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