Talent coins in chest

Talent coins drop a lot in regular chest/quest quest. And some time it drops too much…

Personally I don’t care what drop in chest a lot… because it free. Free and daily.
But I don’t find talents good enough to drop more than a half in one chest. Or there’s a bug in chest that doesn’t drop essence and blueprint regulary?

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Wish we could recycle them for glory, I have 108 rare varya talent coins and 70+ other hero rare coins


the talent coins have taken up the role of the common cards.
they will be everywhere and there will be a lot of them.

i personally dont like them in that role. they are useless unless its the first coin for a talent, unless you are willing to waste a lot of glory.

108? thats sweet. i got 500+ cath rare coins. but that is still only 1/4th of what i would need to get the talent to level 20…


What would you buy with that glory?

more talent coins…
they could just add the taunts for a permant glory price, or some other stuff.

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More heros ofc :slight_smile: (30 characters)

Maybe a Glory skin that doesn’t need blueprint to craft just pure glory maybe 30k+ price.

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A possible solution to this issue is being able to destroy talents for minuscule amounts of essence (like 1 essence for 1 rare coin, 10 for an epic, 100 for a legendary)


O lucky you.

that would hurt semc a lot. skins>talents
bthey changed the skin system because you could use glory to speed your skin progress.
they wont do the same thing again with another currency they hand out way too much of.

I feel afraid to open a level chest if I hit lvl 40, if I got unnecessary same talent coin again.


I’m with everyone who wishes talent can be destroyed. For anything, essence or glory. I don’t like them from the start.


I want Avatar icons (on top left of the screen). It still being blank and unusable. They could be a new way to spend on glory. Even it not affect the gameplay but a lot of people still want to collect those anyway.

i hate talents coin from chest…

they should convertable to glory

then we can purchase (and upgrade) in game avatar or title with glory…

(the title/avatar should be visible in pre-match screen) for bragging…

Yeah I’m just throwing some ideas around until a really good idea pops up from someone. It’s moreso me thinking out loud.

So a way they could tweak it so they don’t lose a lot of profits is that you can only convert talents to essence when you receive them from a quest chest and nothing else. If you get out of the chest opening screen, it means that you are keeping the talents and you will be unable to convert them into essence. This means that people can’t flush out their current stockpile while also giving people a way to gain essence.

that seems really weird and confusing.
and ALL players would do this and even if a rare gets you only 1 essence, that would get to ~30 essence a day just with the rare coins.

should be glory instead of essence
just give us something nice to dump our glory. for ex : fancy avatar, fancy title, anything fancy without in game effect

There is a such thing as future heros

This could be tied in with the suggestion I made quite a while back to incorporate skin card splash art as profile pictures on the forums.