Surrender timing

Game crashed while playing ranked yesterday in just 5 mins and kept booting me out, 3 mins later when I finally got back the match was lost and I got deserter status. Like how? The surrender option becomes available at 12 mins right and the match could have gone for 8-9 mins max

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When an ally afks it allows surrender to be right away after the “an ally has deserted” message.

As you technically Afk’d, your allies were able to surrender.

Honestly surrender should only exist if there is any. Even than the game is not always lost from one person in 5v5

I think 2 AFks should be required for instant surrender option in 5v5. The amount of 4v5s I have won so fsr is staggering. Losing 1 player isnt the end of the world like most players seem to think.

I find also, once the enemy realises you are only 4 strong, they tend to play sloppier and makes mistakes because of their man advantage.


Really? I though that was in 3v3 only because there were few matches where I have had an afk teammate early in the game and surrender became available just like every other game(12 mins)

It was a bug from last patch that they had been working on fixing.