SuperScout 2000: Core item, Counter item, or a "never buy" item?

Lmao “half of my matches are me and my enemy fighting in the bush destroying each other’s cams”. I dont know, something about that sounda really funny to me hahaha

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I can’t help but think you might but thinking of something completely different than me.

you’ll be surprised just how much can be accomplished in 1 second. the extra 3 hits per camera is just so good.

I’m talking about vision control, not scouting bushes or fog of war. You can place 3 Cams around your dragon, but a single normal scout/flare can make all 3 of them disappear. Especially when your team is far away from the mentioned scout Cams, you just can’t ingage, your vision control was for nothing.

anyone that places 3 camera’s in one spot is just plain bad at vision placement. there are just so many levels to vision.

placement, timing. location. range… in and out of bush… learn the perks of proper placement~!!

3 scout cams, one within the center, 1 behind the terrain, and 1 in a nearby bush…
…I don’t like this game you are playing.

Vision in VG is not that complex yet. Especially when everyone can play scoutcams.

then tell me about timing . tell me how placing in a bush forward or backward is beneficial. tell me when a cam is better in lane rather than bush.

tell me about countering a cam that’s already placed and NOT destroying it by just spotting it out. please do tell.

Nope, everyone can place their own vision. Especially with the new support items, waste of a slot.

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Superscout is helpful on some heroes that need constant gank protection, but it isn’t a must pick if your team has good vision placement. It was never a must pick, just like contraption, but the difference with contraptions was the extra mine dmg. Not having that with the scout cams makes it even less of a pick.

It is definitely more of a counter pick to invisible enemies and certain gank enemies or playstyles like krul, koshka, and wp Joule. To me it’s not so much that the other items blow it out of the water, it’s that unlike contraption, there’s no utility if you don’t need the vision in the moment, outside of helping your hero with good stats. At least contraption mines make heroes pause sometimes and acts as a minor deterrent. Cams are something an enemy can drop their own cam on and move on, neutralizing the effectiveness of them.

To ward out enemy that could posibly steal the dragon? To scout bushes? Have you ever seen enemies that saw the cam and do nothing?

Have you ever play the game?
“Please, explain it to me again”