SuperScout 2000: Core item, Counter item, or a "never buy" item?

How’s everybody feeling about SuperScout these days? It’s great for cooldown reduction and extra health, plus providing vision, but for me, it’s fallen to really low priority… I’m usually picking Crucible, or Fountain, or Capacitor Plate, or Rook’s Decree, or even Pulseweave ahead of it, since they all bring so much in teamfights and lane pressure.

It feels like SuperScout was once a core support item (before CP, RD, and PW were released), but not anymore. Is it now just a counter-build item, when up against a skilled Taka, Kestrel, or Flicker? Or is it something you never buy at all?


Cost: 2000

Breadth: You can hold 3 additional Scout Cam(s) and obtain charges 60s faster per Scout Cam.
Depth: Scout Cams last 60s longer and take 3 extra hit(s) to kill.

Activate: Flare.

+500 Max health
+20% Cooldown Reduction (Max 45%)
+5 Energy Recharge


I never buy it solely because rooks, capacitor, pulsweave, wartreads, crucible are all much more impactful items and then i might get an atlas for a high dps target or fountain for team fights. The number of scout cams doesn’t really matte,r the team that wins the vision game is the one that applies more map pressure.

Exactly what you said - was once a core item, but after the new ones - it’s just a counter item for skilled taka/kestrel/flicker players. The new items brings a lot more value in team fights/lane pressure and most of the skilled players won’t face check with the glass cannon carry.

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I used to consider it a core item because of its versaitly.

However the launch of 3.4 has given roams some powerful items which simply put class the additional vision it provides.

The never needed buff / nerf items continues :slight_smile:

it’s core for me in low tiers. ( when i decide to captain ). Due to bad vision placement by all players. Usually 4th or 5th item.

As you mentioned, especially good as a counter pick for stealth heroes.

note that i rarely decide to Captain. it’s not a choice I make, I just fill the gap.

Well I like the vision and thats why I play 3v3 , so I can put mines and control vision by myself , while in 5v5 long cooldowns , so I could buy it first on Lyra and adagio for example , but on other heroes I could go for the flare gun and upgrade it later after finishing my items to super scout , I think it’s an item for balanced even match , if you snowballing or getting snowballed scout cam doesn’t matter .

Edit your title or add a poll… I feel bamboozled. I want my poll options…

Core item I will downvote people who refuse to buy it when it is necessary and it is almost always necessary!

I buy it still. It’s never first but I still often buy it on captains. Vision is just too important to me.

Never bought it. Ever. My vision control is just too good to the point where I know that if i put a ward there then I know that the enemy won’t be able to see my ward but I can see theirs.

How TF does that work? If you can see their scout cam they can see yours so I am confused.

Bush placement my guy. No one buys flares in 5v5 for some reason so I just get away with it lmao.

Everyone puts scouts in bushes. Literally half of my rank games are me and the enemy fighting over bushes and destroying each other’s cams.


I use a combination of map awareness and vision placement. Like in the top lane instead of putting vision in the upmost long bush I put vision in the bush that is on the northern part of the CP tree rocks. So I don’t usually find myself having trouble.

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I can see that helping when there is someone passing by the river to gank but majority of time the jungler doesn’t go down there so you won’t be able to see when he ganks. And if midlaner is going for a gank you can generally just see them moving towards you from their lane so I don’t see the point in that but if it works for you I am not going to say you’re wrong to do so. But having this convo I do realize I need to experiment more with vision placement.

I find it working well in my tier because some top laners made a name for themselves so junglers stop trying to do the 2v1 meta because it never works. It prevents CP treant steals and healing treant steals because I usually just aggro them back to their jungle knowing that they have vision. And if they don’t come I literally just take all their camps because there’s only a chance that they can steal our top jungle. It’s also full proof because there is nothing to contest there as it is between the healing and CP treant.

I haven’t bought one since 3.2, at least. Redundant with decent teammates and the new defense items are much more critical.

The new items completely blew this item outta the water for roaming items, hopefully it doesnt fall to the “Nullwave Gauntlet” level.

Sometimes I buy it when my team’s vision is really bad. Or when the enemy is overall better at placement so we can still get ahead in number.

IMO, Superscout should be able to drop a kind of Cam that is invisible to normals Scout Cams (but is still visible to Flares). Because no matter how much Cams you have, if the enemy can take hold of an area, they are gonna destroy all of those in 1 seconds.

Only then, may Superscout be used like a backdoor Item with a teleport boots, or it gives you counter against aggressive jungle invaders.

When I do buy it it’s usually the last item I build