Sunlight levels now purchasable

i am surprised it took them that long to do it. its like the reroll in br. there is no reason NOT to do it.
you can expect to see a lot more of that in the upcoming updates

This was mostly probably created to mess with the minds of those who don’t have a sense of saving.

I don’t have much of a problem with the idea but instead the cost. 300 ICE per ONE level. BP costs 1250 ICE and gives back 1300 ICE. 50 ICE extra. That means you lose 250 ICE if you decide to go from lvl 49 to lvl 50. And this is directed towards those individuals that play but don’t have much time to play, so they pay. That person who fits under that exact category is gonna spend 300 ICE instead of playing. That leaves them at 1000 ICE which means they won’t be able to get the next BP. And since SEMC has no direct conversion they have to buy $5 worth of ICE every time if they keep up this trend.

And considering the “casual” playerbase SEMC is growing, they are gonna make a lot of money from just this tactic. This is what I call shady. Literally overpricing virtual goods.

Something that would be fair and still makes SEMC money (consider what I said about the BP and how much it gives back) would be to charge 300 ICE in total from between 46-50. It would still break the chain that SEMC wants broken (endless BP for a one time purchase) and the player doesn’t have to do that large grind WHICH IS LITERALLY THE PURPOSE OF THIS SYSTEM THAT THEY CREATED.

You’re right if you’re only looking at ICE investment/return. But if you think of it in terms of non-ICE rewards, it starts to become more reasonable, I think. Keys and opals and glory, etc, are on top of the ICE payback. Are they worth 300 ICE? Possibly. Maybe not 600, but one bump, sure. Especially though, if you have a Lvl50 reward of an otherwise unobtainable (as far as we know so far) skin, which could be the equivalent of 2600 ICE or more, then bumping your sunlight progress some sounds ok to me.

D O I T F O R R A I N B O W S K A A R F :skaarf: :rainbow_flag:



Yeah but 46-50 is like the long long long grind. It’s supposed to be the place where this thing should be used but it leaves you at purchasing of double the price of the BP itself (including the BP). It’s still virtual goods while they’re making real money (which they should be). And since that is the case they should be more slanted towards the player but still be at a rate where they are still making money by breaking the endless BP chain by taking away 250 ICE everytime and leaving you with 1k (which isn’t enough to buy the next BP). I like the idea but the way its looking right now, it feels like it could do the job a bit better and the thought process behind it could have had a bit more time put into it.

Although if they keep up what they did with the Summer BP, where they gave a skin no one can get/a new skin then I guess the idea works out. But if they bring back the Spring one where you get a random legendary, the person who gets the Legendary Adagio skin gets shafted, unlike the person who gets the Tea Party Grace skin. The Adagio skin says legendary but in the current state its literally just 599 ICE.

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Yeah, I don’t disagree with you at all. :cheers_minioncandy_t2: It all comes down to being able to run the numbers yourself and deciding on whether or not it’s worth it to you. Rainbow Skaarf… defo worth. I mean, obviously. ICE up through 10 levels, ez decision. ‘Random Legendary’… like you say, possibly not so great. I wouldn’t gamble on that one, personally.

I guess making it more difficult to reach lvl 50 was too subtle for $EMC. Better slap another 50 levels on top.



Speechless. I’ve literally got nothing.


That was absurd, I managed to reach lv50 around a week before end of season (true, every season) playing 2-3h per day 5vs5. The people with less free time, will never reach it, but that’s the SEMC desire after all - to force the whales buying levels for “stuff”.


Oof on the levels. I’ve never reached 50 before, even at my highest (this season) I only got to 46 and that’s because it was summer. Guess I can say goodbye to any decent rewards from sunlight.

For once I must say lets not get pessimistic about it before its even released.

I have a feeling that they somehow incorporated quests into it

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