Sunlight levels now purchasable

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would be interesting to see jow much it costs to skip all 50 levels.

aside from that its overpriced as expected.

I don’t have the option to buy levels, that button takes me to buy the (unactivated) battle pass. So you have to spend 1.2k before you can even start paying for levels.

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lol. that is so unecessary.

i think they want to get the players who are just before reaching 50 at the end of the season and milk them as much as possible.


So IF you have the battle pass you can pay an overpriced amount of ICE to just skip one level. SEMC that wasn’t supposed to be something you could buy.

Lol the only thing left to grind was sunlight and now even thats payable.
Payed ranks arent far away now.


it’s honestly not that hard to reach level 50.
this option is for the whales who are time poor, loaded with too much cash and no idea where to spend it.

Yes, they exist. it’s amazing just how much they don’t care about money. it’s just a tool to get what you want.

It’s 300 to skip a level, so pretty much 50x300. :slight_smile:

Unless the lower tiers cost less to skip.

I have been wondering whether the price goes up each time you skip a level. As usual, SEMC doesn’t explain how it works, so we’re left to guess until someone tries it.

I’m trying to get confirmation on this right now, but I think each level costs the same (300 ice), and your progress is maintained. So, if you skip a level after making it halfway, you’ll be halfway into the next level.

I’ll update the main post as soon as I’m sure this is how it works.

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Lol, I just asked on the SEMC Slack myself. Great minds …

This would be ideal. Hopefully, it is indeed how it works.

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I am level 42 or so and the same price. If it was different, I would guess that it would be divided like 1-5/6-10/11-15, etc and it was going to be more than 300 for me compared to the level 38 shown here. Dunno. :slight_smile:

My concern is not that it goes up depending on what level you are but rather each time you skip a level: i.e., the first skip costs 300, the second 400, the third 500, etc.

We’ll see what the official answer is shortly, I hope.


I’m actually a lot more worried that it becomes more difficult to reach level 50 Sunlight by just playing, all of a sudden. To the point where it would be prudent to rename it “Northern Lights” instead… 'cause there’s lots of ICE up there, get it? (Well, prior to the whole climate change debacle, anyway… that shit is coming for my puns, even.)


Okay, the official answer to my query about whether the cost per level changes: "it should be 300 per level, at every level"

Still awaiting more details on Hipster’s inquiry about preserving where you are within a level …

Confirmed! :kraken_happy_t2: Price is always 300, regardless of level or how many times it’s been purchased, and your progress is transferred.

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This is not even needed but I guess semc low to grind money now

Hahahahahahahahaha, wait, what?